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Your Division 10 headaches, solved

Red Jigsaw puzzle being built by teamwork

We’re the first to admit that Division 10 is a wide-ranging and sometimes complex specialty.  It covers all the miscellaneous specialties including elements that protect buildings and the people that use them from harm, as well as things like cubicles, curtains & partitions, storage, grilles, wall protection and much more.

For contractors, the broad scope of Division 10 often makes it a real headache in terms of project management and planning.  With so many different elements and products, interior specialties can result in the appointment of a large number of sub-contractors and a lot of co-ordination.

Many businesses supplying Division 10 products tend to specialize in just one or two items – it’s typical to find a business that sells only washroom specialties and lockers, or another business that specializes in wall protection.

For the contractor this means juggling a lot of balls in the air at any given time; there are extra quotations to be reviewed, extra invoices to be managed and a lot of extra people on site.  All of these things can result in additional costs, and leaves much greater potential for something to go wrong that could hold up the entire build.  All it takes is for one of those sub-contractors to be delayed, and everyone is delayed.

Belroc is different.

We’re one of very few companies in Canada offering complete Division 10 packages, all under one roof.  

Our product portfolio falls into four distinct categories, namely:

  • Surface Protection

e.g products like wall sheeting and corner guards

  • Washroom Specialties

e.g. partitions and accessories like hand dryers and grab bars

  • Patient Privacy

e.g. curtains, curtain track and solid surface partitions

  • Interior Amenities

e.g. storage, lockers, benches & shelves, visual display products

Healthcare specialists

We specialize in healthcare interiors and we believe our comprehensive portfolio enables us to cater for all the requirements of these unique environments. This streamlines the process for architects, designers and building contractors reducing costs and eliminating risk by reducing the number of sub-contractors on site.  If there’s a specific product requirement we can’t fulfil ourselves, we’re happy to take over the procurement from our side to make things simpler for you.

Value-adding expertise

As well as taking away some of the headaches of Division 10 procurement and installation, we’re also well equipped to add value thanks to our unrivalled expertise.

Over the past 20 years we’ve built up an in-depth understanding of the practical needs of healthcare interiors as well as the relevant code requirements.  As a result, we’ve been able to help our clients develop intuitive, practical spaces for hospitals and care homes, while avoiding a whole range of pitfalls that could have resulted in costly delays and re-works.

Project management

Belroc also provides a full, in-house project management service that further streamlines relationships and processes for the contractor.  As well as providing you with a dedicated point of contact for communication throughout the build, this essentially frees you up to get on with overseeing other aspects of the build, safe in the knowledge that Belroc’s project manager is looking after everything from co-ordinating the delivery of materials to site, to supervising the installation and liaising with other trades as required for a seamless outcome. Click to find out more about our 3DX method.

Nationwide service

Last but not least, we’re one of the only Division 10 suppliers in Canada offering  coast-to-coast-to-coast service.  This means it doesn’t matter where you are, or where your next project is being constructed; you can rely onf Belroc’s expertise in consultation, specification and installation.

To find out more about our work or to arrange a consultation about an upcoming project, contact Owen Lawrenson –