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Working together for safer building environments

In every crisis, there are moments when the very best of human nature shines through, and we are seeing that over and over again during the current coronavirus pandemic, as individuals and organisations around the world put their ordinary objectives aside and pitch in for the greater good. From car manufacturers building ventilators to distilleries making hand sanitiser, we are frequently reminded of just how much we humans can achieve when we work together.

At Belroc, we’re doing our part to help our clients in healthcare keep their staff and their patients safe at this critical time. The ‘joined up thinking’ that we’ve seen used to tackle big problems related to this pandemic is something that we, and many other businesses, have always relied on in order to resolve challenges and remain agile in ever-changing circumstances.

Belroc aims to provide a 360-degree solution for contractors whose projects have scope in Division 10. Instead of creating piecemeal arrangements with a host of different suppliers and installers, contractors can avail of a highly professional and fully integrated service that offers significant savings of time and money as well as total peace of mind for them and their clients.

We offer unrivalled expertise in all aspects of Division 10, enhancing and protecting the built environment and the people who live and work within it. We specialise in healthcare, education, hospitality and commercial environments – all of which have a responsibility to keep people safe, and to ensure accessibility for all. From washroom fittings and fixtures, to wall protection, handrails, patient privacy solutions and facility resources such as lockers and window coverings, our extensive product portfolio has all the elements required to make buildings safe and hygienic while blending seamlessly into their overall aesthetic.

Innovation is always a priority at Belroc. In the current crisis, our expertise in hospital privacy curtains is proving invaluable to facilities that need to create space quickly, to the very highest of standards. We keep our finger on the pulse of all the latest product design innovations so that our contractor clients don’t have to – when they commission us for a project, they know they’re gaining access to the most up-to-date products, backed by solid industry knowledge and code expertise.

With more than 30 years of sector experience, we believe this is why many construction contractors return to Belroc again and again for professional support with Division 10 projects. Our unique 3DX project management strategy ensures hassle-free, seamless installations that always come in on time and on budget – which pays dividends for contractors and facility owners in the long run.

We believe that Division 10 will form an important part of all future pandemic strategy and we are extremely proud to be at the forefront of our industry, supporting the vital work of our healthcare and education sectors alongside our contracting partners.

If your organisation requires assistance with an upcoming construction or refurbishment project, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our experienced team for advice.