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Transitional tidy turnovers

WipeAble is a patient privacy system that speeds up patient turnover with a clean-in-place process to last longer than a disposable curtain.

Patient Turnover

Quick transitions in busy hospital departments, call for innovative and versatile solutions.

Evolving out of strict infection control protocol requirements from the COVID-19 pandemic, an innovative “clean-in-place’ solution has been designed to reduce hospital staff strain with increased needs for bed changeouts, WipeAble was created from our customers.

Clean in place curtain system



IPAC regulations have tightened infection control protocols in recent years resulting in quicker bed turnovers and more stringent cleaning solutions. The water repellent mesh, paired with a heavy duty vinyl fabric and a weighted base keep curtains taut and easy to wipe down.


Sharp appearance

With a material that is fire-rated to Canadian standards and designed to be anti-static, this crisp vinyl fabric, is held taut with weights in order to provide a pleasing aesthetic look.


Reduce staff strain

Increased capacity for patient spaces and the safety of thorough-put has heightened not only the speed of a bed change out but the comfort and dignity for patients. WipeAble provides heavy duty protection while helping to reduce wait times.

WipeAble Patient Privacy System

The WipeAble Patient Privacy System is designed specifically for Environmental Services Staff, complying with IPAC regulations, to speed up patient turnover. And unlike disposables or conventional curtain systems, that must be removed, WipeAble can be cleaned in place.

The three-part system includes:

  • Mesh is water resistant and complies with fire regulations NFPA 701 & CAN/ULC-S109-14 Flame Resistance.
  • The heavy-duty vinyl is treated with an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Weighted bottom hem provides a stiff and stable surface in order to wipe clean while remaining hung.
medical unit with vinyl wipeable hospital style curtains
isolation curtains


WipeAble curtains sewn to mesh
WipeAble curtains heavy-duty vinyl fabric
WipeAble clean in place hospital curtain

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Case Study

Trillium Health Partners

Requiring an innovative customized solution, Trillium Health Partners assisted Belroc Group in the development of a new patient privacy system. It was designed to comply with IPAC standards, new cleaning protocols and a  better option than a disposable curtains, which require significant time to changeout between patients.

An important feature for the THP Mississauga Hospital was the ability “clean-in-place”. The reduction in time wasted for changeouts allows the curtains to be hung for longer periods of time, facilitating easier transitions for Environmental Services Staff.

Belroc worked closely with the needs and ideas generated from Trillium Health Partners to come up with a system that works best for their locations. We were able to provide customized full-size samples to ensure the new prototype product could be used in these high-traffic areas.  Extensive internal testing of cleaning solutions was also completed to meet IPAC requirements.

This system has now been refined to be a sustainable manufactured product for any hospital department.

The project was phased in department by various locations, starting with Pre-Op and Ortho IPU medical bays.

Hospital staff were able to quickly add the patient privacy system to existing track and carriers for a smooth transition.

Technical Downloads

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Vinyl Hospital Curtain Brochure


WipAble Cubicle Curtain Specification

Install & Maintenance

WipeAble Clean-up & Maintenance, including Installation Instructions

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