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What is Belroc Refresh?

At some point in our lives, we or someone close to us are likely to need residential, palliative or long termcare. When that time comes, it’s important that we can access supportive care in uplifting environments that maximise our quality of life.

As Canada’s population ages, this necessity is becoming more and more sought after.By 2030 the number of people aged 65 or older will reach almost one in four. In less than a decade, seniors will number over 9.5 million and make up 23 percent of Canadians.

Belroc Refresh is a specialist service aimed at helping residential and long-term care facilities to ensure they are offering the most up-to-date, holistic environments for the individuals in their care.

By their very nature, long term care facilities are difficult to renovate. Client turnover is slow, and any mess or disruption can cause immense distress to residents and their families, as well as posing a safety risk. The logistics of carrying out any meaningful renovation work are so complex that many facility managers opt to delay it over and over, resulting in their facilities becoming dated and run-down.

In the meantime, as this sector grows, new care facilities are popping up all over the place, offering the very latest in modern amenities and putting existing businesses at a disadvantage.

Belroc Refresh helps care facilities to overcome these difficulties by offering a cleverly packaged and highly efficient service. We have decades of experience working in health and residential care which we believe makes us ideally placed to understand the needs of businesses and clients in this sector.

The Refresh program is designed for ultimate convenience, with 3D renders to show how the upgrade will look, pre-agreed pricing with no hidden costs, and a monthly payment plan to help clients spread the cost. Our turnkey package includes interior décor, wall protection, washroom accessories, flooring coverings, patient privacy and light fixture upgrades.

Belroc’s in-house team of specifiers,installers and project managers boast a wealth of expertise while our 3DX methodology ensures your project stays on track throughout.

From code requirements to comfort and aesthetics, Belroc Refresh offers a comprehensive, compliant, value-for-money service, helping care providers to offer up-to-date facilities that benefit both their clients and their staff. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.