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What is 3DX?

What is 3DX?

We talk a lot about 3DX at Belroc. As our customer, you might have heard it mentioned in a sales pitch or read about it on our website. But do you know what it really means?

3DX isn’t just empty marketing terminology or a clever gimmick designed to make us sound professional. It permeates everything we do.

3DX refers to the ‘three Ds’ of Belroc’s project management strategy – Define, Direct and Deliver. When a client comes to us with a project brief, we break it down into these three parts so that we can identify the precise need, plan the appropriate solution, and then make it happen.

In the DEFINE phase, we explore every aspect of the project scope, to make sure we understand exactly what is required, and how this can be achieved. We supply a detailed proposal and agree terms.

In DIRECT, we keep in close contact with client and stakeholders to ensure everybody is on the same page. During this phase, detailed planning, measurements and risk assessments are carried out. Each client has a dedicated point of contact so that communications are always clear and effective as we move towards procurement.

The DELIVER phase begins with physical delivery and installation, but it doesn’t stop there. We liaise with other trades on site to ensure a seamless process and conduct a detailed walk-through on completion to make sure the client is satisfied. The process concludes with a full debrief and evaluation of how the project went.

What are the benefits?

3DX makes us different from our competitors. It provides a framework for managing the process – ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation – and also the outcomes, so clients can be assured their project will meet all expectations in terms of timescale, budget, aesthetics and code requirements.

Contractors who choose Belroc time and time again do so because they’ve seen how our expertise can add value on a project. We’re an authority on Division 10 with specific experience in the healthcare, education, hospitality and commercial sectors. Insights gained over 20 years in the industry mean we can help our clients to save time and money without compromising on quality. Belroc provides full practical support and customer service backup, even for clients wishing to carry out their own install.

For more information on 3DX, watch our short film or get in touch by emailing