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Value-adding expertise, available nationwide

Value-adding expertise, available nationwide

As the second largest country in the world by land area, Canada is home to some of the most rugged and varied landscapes anywhere on Earth. 

But from the highly-populated streets of Toronto and Ontario to the remotest northern territories, the most basic needs of all Canada’s citizens are the same – to be warm and fed, and taken care of when we are old or sick.

At Belroc, we are a proudly Canadian company and even prouder of our ability to support the health and long-term care needs of our fellow citizens no matter where in our great country they might live.  

We’re also very proud that we’re able to bring our comprehensive, specialist expertise on Division 10 specialties to contractors nationwide, from our offices strategically located in Ontario, Toronto and the Maritimes.  

As we forge ahead into a new phase of growth and development of Canada’s healthcare system, particularly in terms of providing infrastructure for an ageing population, we believe this nationwide service, coupled with our unique expertise, will be vital for building contractors looking to deliver superior quality and value for their clients.

Why Belroc?

Belroc is unique in Canada in that we don’t just specialize in one aspect of interior specialties.  We’re one of the only businesses in the country to bring together complete Division 10 packages – ranging from privacy dividers and washroom fixtures to surface protection and essential resources such as lockers – under one roof.  Not only that, we’ve spent the past two decades developing our expertise on Division 10 in order to provide contractors with a tailored service that combines consultancy, supply and installation depending on their unique requirements. 

So what does this mean for you, the contractor?

Building contractors typically procure the Division 10 scope of work from a wide range of different suppliers on each and every project they undertake.  This can lead to a significant amount of project management involved in co-ordinating this procurement process, and to the fact that mistakes can be made along the way – sometimes at significant cost.


By choosing Belroc, contractors can significantly reduce the number of sub-contractors and suppliers required to complete their interior fit-out, thus reducing risk – particularly for specialist projects like hospitals and care homes where the stakes are even higher.

Unique insight

We provide a 360-degree service that often begins before construction on a project has even commenced.  Many of our construction partners and healthcare associates engage our expertise during the design phase in order to inform the specification and procurement process for Division 10 products, which can save vital time and money later down the road.

Practical expertise

With two decades of industry expertise, Belroc has a wealth of practical knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of the relevant code requirements for healthcare and other public sector buildings.  As a result, we’ve been able to help our clients avoid a whole range of pitfalls that would otherwise have resulted in costly delays and rework.

Project management

Belroc also provides full, in-house project management that further streamlines relationships and processes for the contractor.  As well as providing you with a dedicated point of contact for communication throughout the build, this essentially frees you up to get on with overseeing other aspects of the project, safe in the knowledge that Belroc’s project management team is looking after everything from co-ordinating the delivery of materials to site, to supervising the installation and liaising with other trades as required for a seamless outcome. 

But what about distance?

It’s common for contractors to procure materials and services for their construction projects from the immediate locality – and in most cases, quite right that they should do so.  Sourcing locally saves on the cost and carbon footprint of road transportation and ensures easy access to the supplier or subcontractor in the event of a problem.

The main issue with this is that it’s not usually possible to find specialist Division 10 expertise right on your doorstep in a country as geographically spread out as Canada.  That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop a nationwide service that delivers quality, value and peace of mind for our customers, no matter where they are.

Belroc’s Project Pods scheme is designed to minimise road freight and packaging waste by enabling all the materials for the same job to be shipped at the same time, and stored securely in containers at site until they are required.  The Pods are packed in reverse chronological order for ultimate ease of use, and are collected again – along with any waste packaging – when the installation is complete.

And it’s not just our products that are portable.  In the past we’ve dispatched installation teams and project managers to some of Canada’s most remote locations, where they’ve remained resident for weeks at a time while they carried out an installation job.  We’ve even gone to the lengths of obtaining special security clearances for Belroc employees tasked with completing work in high-security federal facilities.

All of this means that as ambitious healthcare plans are rolled out right across Canada in the next decade, especially in long-term care, Belroc is ideally positioned to provide support for contractors.  Whether you’re relatively new to the sector and can see the benefit of some additional guidance on interior specialties, or you’re keen to develop a more streamlined methodology as you cement your reputation as a health and care contractor, we believe a partnership with Belroc can add significant value to your operations.

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