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To Clad or Not to Clad: Surface Protection – Is it Worth the Investment?

There are clearly two approaches that facilities take when it comes to protecting their hallways, doors, and corners. Either they use it extensively, or almost not at all.  The decision to clad or not to clad is not always clear cut, here are three things to consider when deciding if surface protection is worth the investment.

Frequency or Repair

If you are a hotel, think of maid carts and guest luggage trolleys. If you are a hospital think of gurneys, cleaners, and equipment moving through. When a cart comes into contact with a bare wall, the cart wins. The momentum of a hundred kilos focused on a small point of contact will leave its mark. It’s incredible to see how this small collision repeated a few dozen times per day can have an impact over a year or two. We think well chosen wall cladding should last 10 to 15 years.  Unrepaired drywall will start to degrade almost immediately, and more than likely need to repaired within a few years. It’s not just a matter of painting either; chipped drywall can be so expensive to repair, in some cases it gets replaced all together.


We all know what grows in between sidewalks when a crack appears. While that may add character to an outside walkway, it’s altogether different inside an institution. Where safety of your customers and staff is an important consideration, cleaning walls and doorways where the surface has been broken becomes a more difficult operation. Vinyl sheeting is easily cleaned and sanitized.

Look Great Longer

Your facility is your showroom. There is no doubt that a well-protected interior can maintain its new look, longer.  At some point, all interiors need to be refreshed, but the reason to refresh does not need to be dictated by the condition of your walls, doors or corners.

We often see surface protection as an afterthought to a renovation or new build, and the incremental investment can seem like an added cost that is not a “need to have”, but a “nice to have.” If that upfront investment can delay a need for a major remodeling from 7 years to 15 years for example, then that investment can be quantified, and it’s quite likely that when added to the additional benefits of improved hygiene and better overall environment, it is an investment well worth making.

At Belroc, we have a wide range of surface protection products to suit any environment.

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