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The Patient Experience

A consistent message that comes through in many interactions with healthcare professionals, is that the Patient Experience – and the need to improve it – is an increasing focus in today’s healthcare arena.

Perhaps the first thing to understand is that everyone has a role in the patient’s experience: from the Information Desk to the CEO. Organizations that have a patient-centered culture prove the benefits of improved clinical outcomes and staff engagement.

Another significant factor in the patient experience is the healing environment.  Areas that ensure patients, staff and visitors are safe and healthy, promote better outcomes.

Surface Protection products play a critical role in maintaining the appearance and functionality of healthcare space.  Wall surfaces receive an enormous amount of abuse every day; from pedestrian traffic, carts, stretchers, lifts and other equipment. Unprotected drywall surfaces quickly become an eyesore and a never-ending battle for maintenance staff. Also consider the infection control issues of damaged surfaces as they provide a haven for harmful bacteria.

A well-executed surface protection initiative using wall cladding and targeted wall protection makes a huge difference in the appearance and cleanliness of healthcare environments, thereby having a direct positive impact on the patient experience.

Privacy Systems are also a significant contributor to patient experience.  A good system will improve patient safety, reduce room downtime and enhance appearance.  Eliminating variations and bringing standardization to a privacy system makes for consistency and no compromising of a patient’s privacy.

In conclusion, the healthcare environment has a profound impact on the patient experience in addition to the clinical care received.

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