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The future is now for long-term care

The arrival of a new year always brings with it renewed focus and determination to make changes that can benefit our wellbeing. It’s a time when we make resolutions, and take a broader view of the things we can do to better ourselves and the world around us.

At Belroc this year, we’re turning that focus and determination on the healthcare sector, particularly long-term care. As we’ve previously written about here, this sector is entering a period of intense transformation aimed at meeting a huge increase in demand over the next ten years.

It’s estimated that by 2035, Canada will require an additional 199,000 long-term care beds. Earlier this year, Ontario announced that it was making a start, with a $1.75 billion scheme designed to deliver 30,000 long-term care beds in Ontario over the next decade – and it’s expected that other provinces will follow suit.

As we head into 2021, we’re making long-term care a key focus of Belroc’s work, with a particular spotlight on new build facilities right across Canada.

We’ve already amassed nearly two decades of expertise in this sector and believe we are the only Division 10 specialist in Canada with a dedicated methodology for long-term care facilities. With this expertise, and our 3DX project management strategy, we know that we can make a real difference for construction contractors seeking to deliver first-class facilities for their clients, and for service users.

So how can Belroc make a difference for contractors?


First of all, we know long-term care. We’ve worked extensively with some of Canada’s eminent contractors on a large number of long-term care projects, so we are well-versed in the standard requirements both in terms of code compliance, and the practical challenges these specialist environments face.


We’re extremely proud that as a result of our long-standing relationships with construction clients, Belroc is often asked to collaborate on new-build long-term care facilities from an early stage in the design process, working closely with architects and specifiers to develop tailored interior specialty packages. This collaborative approach enables contractors to deliver optimal value on every project while ultimately ensuring that the completed interiors are fit for purpose and fully compliant. We’re able to offer expert advice on materials, finishes, adhesives, fire safety and more to ensure that the interior specification stacks up on every front, and that the installation itself is not delayed or compromised in any way.


Belroc is also one of the only Canadian suppliers offering complete Division 10 packages. Division 10 is a broad and often complex specialty that often requires contractors to source product and installation services from multiple suppliers. In order for these projects to run smoothly, the contractor is then forced to take responsibility for project management, which can be a major undertaking in terms of human resources and time. By choosing Belroc, contractors are able to fully outsource the Division 10 elements of their projects. We define the need, before developing a complete package to cover all the requirements of each project, from wall protection and patient privacy through to washroom accessories and more. We offer a full supply and installation service, including liaising with other trades on site to ensure a seamless outcome – but even contractors opting for a supply-only arrangement can benefit from a dedicated project manager who is on hand to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the installation process. As a result, projects stay on brief, on budget and on schedule.

The time is now

The scale and speed of Canada’s long-term care transformation is sure to challenge the construction industry over the coming years. We believe that our expertise and commitment to excellence sets Belroc apart in Division 10 and enables us to bring unique value to the table. We feel confident that our existing relationships with contractors and long-term care providers will help these companies win new business as long-term care beds are increased across the country, and we look forward to being part of this ambitious stride forward.

To discuss how Belroc can help your organisation get ahead on Division 10, contact Owen Lawrenson –