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The 5W’s of Project Management

Belroc 3DX Customer Journey: You are in the Define Phase

We talk a lot about 3DX at Belroc, but what does it really mean to our customers?


These three little verbs describe the unique project management strategy at Belroc, the cornerstone of our day-to-day work to provide consistency to our customers no matter what type of project we are faced with. Over the coming weeks we will explore each phase, providing context around the specific functions and people involved in the process.

Let’s start from the beginning with DEFINE. From the dictionary, it simply means: To bring forth meaning; to explain and identify; to fix or lay down clearly; determine boundaries.

The Define phase of 3DX is all about understanding and insight. During this phase we take the time to get to know our clients, the companies they work for and the specific details of the project to better grasp the objectives and challenges that need to be addressed within the scope of work.

Most of our customers may not be aware that we monitor many types of projects several years before a tender may even be released. Belroc partners with architects and designers, to ensure they have the resources needed in product selection and specification writing. Furthermore, we are in regular contact with construction firms, owner groups and front-line staff to understand the requirements of the personnel who utilize or install the solutions we offer.

To some, this may slow things down. For Belroc, we are on a journey with our customers, we are in it for the long-haul. Our goal is to see your visions come to life.  And to do so, we need to ask those probing, thorough questions on the ins and outs of the task at hand. Whether we are invited to support a new build development from scratch or complete smaller one item product replacements, we are dedicated in our commitment to providing you with the most comprehensive solution available.

So, what does the DEFINE journey look like and who are the key players?

Initial Review

Belroc has devised a winning-formula of best-fit project criteria that reflects where our talents lie. Initial information is gathered to assess the potential of a partnership. We review the sector, location, timing, scope of work and labour requirements. We rely on previous experiences and current engaged partnerships to move projects along in the process.

Who you may work with: Business Development & Marketing or Sales Coordinator

Documentation Review

Documentation is gathered, a set file format in our project management database and a team meeting is held. The team completes a high-level overview of the project at hand, discussing the initial criteria, product options, special requirements, potential shipping or timing concerns, understanding who key players are and creates a framework plan to submit a proposal.

Who you may work with: Business Development & Marketing or Sales Coordinator

Outlining the scope of work

A formal meeting occurs, whether in-person, on-line or by phone to gather further details that cannot be derived from the Initial Review or Documentation. A detailed discussion to chart what the customer can expect from Belroc and an opportunity to learn more about our customer.

Who you may work with: Sales Representatives


The data we have complied to create a comprehensive proposal for the client is submitted to the Technical team.  They complete a full analysis to ensure they have what is needed to provide a full solution to the client. This may mean ordering on-site measurements, completing take-offs on drawings, consulting on specifications, liaising with manufacturers, crunching numbers and managing addenda.

Who you may work with: Sales Representatives, Senior Estimator or Sales Assistant

Client Review

At Belroc we like to present our customer with their solution in a formal proposal.  This may happen several ways from in-person presentations to on-line meetings. Ensuring we listened well, a detailed summary of the scope of work is reviewed with the client so both parties have a full understanding of the plan we have created.

Who you may work with: Sales Representatives

Client Acceptance

The most important part of the process is to make sure that our clients have the time and information to make a clear decision. We offer opportunities to negotiate, submit alternatives and speak to all influencers in the decision-making process during this time. Following a proposal being accepted, the client will receive a communication introducing you to the Client Care Team and the DIRECT phase.

Who you may work with: Sales Representatives, Sales Coordinator

Getting it right from the start, saves headaches in the long run during delivery and installation. This is a partnership between Belroc and our customers, one where making the effort to properly analyze the needs produces a far superior result. Client input is invaluable, and the care we take to communicate with our partners allows us to make better decisions including improved processes and correct product selection.

This is where Belroc feels we can make the most difference. Want to experience 3DX for yourself?  Get in touch today to discuss how we can add value to your next interior specialty project.