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Supporting Canadian excellence this Canada Day

This week at Belroc we celebrated Canada Day with our fellow citizens across the country – an opportunity to reflect on our country’s history and to mark the date, on July 1, 1867, when the provinces of Canada were united to form a single dominion – which is why this holiday was originally called ‘Dominion Day’.

Prior to this, Canada was three separate British colonies – Canada (which we now know as the provinces of Ontario and Quebec), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The country had a chequered history characterised by efforts by other nations – whether France, the United Kingdom or the USA – to lay claim to her lands.

Today, Canada is the second largest country in the world by area, spread over 3.5 million square miles and with one of the most diverse populations on earth. We have two official languages, we rank 13th in the world for human development and our economy is the tenth largest in the world, thanks to abundant natural resources and excellent international trade networks.

At Belroc, we are extremely proud to be Canadian and proud to support other Canadian businesses and organisations in the pursuit of excellence. One of the jewels in Canada’s crown is access to free healthcare, and this is a key passion for us. From a contractor’s point of view, working on publicly funded or P3 projects means a commitment to delivering value for money – superb facilities that stand the test of time without putting undue strain on the public purse. Belroc’s unique 3DX methodology is designed to define the precise solution from the very outset, eliminating guesswork and helping contractors to bring their projects in on target. We have built strong relationships with some of Ontario’s eminent building contractors, who now involve Belroc at the earliest stages of their new projects, having experienced the precision and value we can bring to the table.

3DX, coupled with two decades of expertise, also brings essential efficiency to our service. Division 10 can essentially be summed up in one word: protection. Our packages are designed to protect both buildings and the people that use them from harm, whether that is physical harm in terms of wear and tear or injury, or invisible harm caused as a result of hygiene issues or breaches of privacy. It sounds simple, but Division 10 is a complex area of building design requiring and experienced approach to deliver interior spaces that perform to a high standard while also being aesthetically pleasing. Our existing clients know that by engaging Belroc, their projects will achieve both.

We also pride ourselves on comprehensive coverage. In addition to our offices in Toronto and Kingston, we recently opened a Maritimes office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, which will enable Belroc to better serve this part of the country. Many of our long-standing construction partners also have Maritimes offices and our presence there facilitates dynamic working partnerships that deliver value for people and organisations right across this part of Canada, reducing inequalities in healthcare, education and security for rural communities – which when you think about it, is what Canada is all about!

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