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Supporting Canada’s ‘green recovery’

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people all over the world to change their lifestyles dramatically, and in doing so, has given many of us food for thought when it comes to our priorities and the things that really matter.

Working from home, for example, has allowed people to reconnect and spend more time with their children, while others have realised the value of extended family and friends they previously took for granted. The environment has also emerged as a key priority for many – with less traffic on the roads and a shutdown of big business, we’ve been enjoying silence, birdsong and cleaner air, and we’ve all reduced our carbon footprint by not travelling, or buying things we don’t need. Lockdown has given us a glimpse of a different lifestyle that is not only satisfying, but better for our planet too.

Back in May, a group of 50 academics from universities across Canada wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling for a ‘green recovery’ from coronavirus that would better serve the health and wellbeing of Canada’s people and its environment. Among the points made were ideas around reducing carbon emissions from road freight across the country, and ensuring workers throughout the construction sector are ‘carbon literate’ to promote greener practices across the sector.

At Belroc, we recognise that we have a role to play in this greener future. As Canada gets back to business and the construction industry opens up again, we’re committed to finding new and better ways of doing business that contribute to a healthier society and environment for everyone.

Belroc’s Project Pods are just one of the carbon-reducing measures we’ve already introduced to try and minimise emissions associated with road freight. Operating across Canada, we send out lots of goods by road and we often complete installations in remote locations where trucks are the only option for getting materials to site.

Our Project Pods are designed to get all the materials needed for an installation delivered to the location in one trip. The pods are essentially shipping containers, packed in reverse chronological order so materials can be removed as and when required throughout the build. Once in situ, the containers double up as secure storage and protection from the elements, saving space on site. Shipping all product at once minimises the amount of packaging required, and any waste that’s left behind can be returned to Belroc inside the container, for onward recycling.

In addition to minimising our road freight, Belroc is committed to becoming a carbon literate company; understanding the carbon footprint of our operations and materials, and seeking out ways to reduce or minimise these wherever possible. We always have our finger on the pulse of new advancements in recycled and carbon neutral materials with applications in our sector and we pledge to continue exploring the options and offering our clients greener choices whenever we can, without compromising on quality and performance. For more detail on our environmental pledges visit click here