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Wall Protection

An essential line of defense for walls & vertical surfaces

Durable, sturdy and simple to clean, our collection of wall protection solutions are essential in high traffic areas where hygienic security and low maintenance are priorities.

Wall Protection

Repair fees and unwanted remedial costs, including wall repairs, represent a significant drain on hospital resources throughout the world, with Canadian hospitals accumulating up to $28 billion in deferred maintenance costs. In many cases, such damage is preventable.

Here at Belroc, we know that walls are so much more than surfaces – especially where healthcare is concerned. Our range of corner guards, wall guards and door & frame protection solutions protect your interior and those who use them.


Operation & maintenance costs represent roughly 80% of a building’s cost throughout its lifecycle (Journal of Engineering & Applied Sciences)


Predictive maintenance is highly cost effective, saving roughly 8% to 12% over preventive maintenance, and up to 40% over reactive maintenance (U.S. Department of Energy)

$28 billion

Canadian hospitals have accumulated up to $28 billion in deferred maintenance costs (Source: HealthCareCan)

Door & frame protection

Doors and the frames which surround them are at constant risk of damage, with repair fees and unwanted replacement costs representing a significant investment. Our range of door & frame protection solutions provide superior levels of impact resistance, with a wide range of materials and colours available including stainless steel, vinyl and custom molded options.

  • Achieve a finished look with the option of a dust cap and top and bottom caps
  • Custom measuring for a precise fit and seamless appearance
  • Protect doors from scratches and dents with kick plates
  • Provide sanitary impact protection with L-Shaped or U-Shaped Stainless Steel Door Edge Protectors

Stainless steel wall protection

Stainless steel wall protection solutions provide a multitude of design opportunities and a sustainable barrier to wear and tear. Offering some truly unique benefits in challenging healthcare environments, stainless steel wall protection can be applied as corner guards, crash rails, end wall protectors, kickplates, recess panelling and general wall guards. Lightweight and highly durable, these solutions present real value where protection is a priority.

  • Easy installation with simple mounting or screw holes
  • Hidden fasters can be incorporated for a flat front and sleek design
  • Excellent impact resistance in busy and high traffic areas
  • See our full line of Stainless Steel wall protection

Corner guards

Corner guards provide vital reinforcement to those key areas that are most vulnerable to damage. Protective solutions prevent cracks, chips, dents and scratches while mitigating the risk of damage to equipment such as wheelchairs, beds and carts – all without compromising the integrity of your interior’s design.

  • Secure light-impact areas with minimal disruption using our clear polycarbonate corner guards
  • Bolster your corner protection using an aluminum retainer with high impact corner guards
  • Use stainless steel corner guards for superior impact protection in high traffic areas
  • Protect corners from pedestrian traffic damage by installing tape on corner guards

Wall guards

Healthcare professionals often operate within fast-paced environments where the rapid movement of equipment is essential. By investing in durable wall guards, interior spaces and their equipment can be protected from high-impact damage as well as scratches, bumps and abrasions. Wall guards are often combined with handrail for ultimate safety and protection.

  • Bed bumper wall guards allow for quick positioning of beds without wall damage
  • Protect displays and counters with flexible cart guards
  • Use chair rail guards to prevent indents caused by chairs in lobby and office areas
  • The standard profile wall guards provide a continuous impact bumper

Ricochet flexible wall protection

Walls represent a fundamental element of any healthcare interior. In many cases, providing that interior with sufficient wall protection requires a solution that is flexible and adaptable to the requirements of that specific design. By investing in flexible surface protection, healthcare providers can expand their space’s longevity while enhancing aesthetic appeal. Flexible wall protection is an ideal way to protect high traffic areas such as open lobbies, or senior living recreation and dining spaces, from wear and tear.

  • Combine the look of wallcovering with the durability of rigid sheet protection
  • Inviting texture, rich colours, alluring patterns and seamless appearance
  • Features a proprietary top coating and 0.040″ thickness
  • Graffiti can be removed without damage to the surface using standard liquid cleaners

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