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Wall Panels

Outstanding durability year-after-year

Tough, dependable and easy to clean, wall panels are an essential in high traffic areas where hygiene and easy maintenance are a must.

Wall Panels

Recent public health crises have transformed healthcare’s understanding of infection risks; particularly around the preventable spread of bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms.

Wall panels can play a significant role in mitigating infection risk, providing healthcare workers, patients and site visitors with a first line of defense against manual transmission while simplifying hygiene protocols.

2.6 million

Over 2.6 million new cases of healthcare associated infections occur every year (Source: EU & European Economic Area Study)


Over 11 percent (one in nine) hospital patients in Canada get a healthcare associated infection (Source: Canadian Union of Public Employees)

$1 billion

$1 billion annual cost of treating hospital-acquired infection in Canada (Source: Canadian Union of Public Employees)

$28 billion

Canadian hospitals have accumulated up to $28 billion in deferred maintenance costs (Source: HealthCareCan)

Rigid vinyl sheet

Durable, cost-effective and built for superior impact resistance, rigid vinyl  sheeting is ideal for seamless, aesthetically-pleasing surface protection in high-use settings such as hospital and senior living environments. Rigid vinyl sheets are recognized as essential pieces of infrastructure for healthcare, with sheets available in a wide range of colours, thicknesses and custom sizes.

  • Enhance your space and inspire its users by combining rigid sheet and flexible wall sheets
  • Manufactured to attain the highest standards of impact protection & cleanability
  • Enjoy specialized, heavy-duty wall protection for high traffic areas
  • High-performance wall protection available in a variety of finishes and molding options

Hygienic PVCu

Non-porous and thermoformable, PVCu wall cladding can be used for seamless wall protection that’s perfectly adapted to high-risk settings. Available with antimicrobial silver ions built into the surface, these innovative solutions provide an additional layer of protection that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to stop the spread of pathogens like MRSA in healthcare buildings. PVCu is also highly scratch resistant and withstands even the harshest chemicals.

  • A cost-effective alternative thanks to a simpler installation process
  • Low-maintenance benefits due to its ability to withstand heat, cold, and damp settings
  • Guaranteed protection against the most corrosive of cleaning materials
  • Inherently fire-resistant material to support non-combustible surfaces

Stainless steel panels

Our enhanced range of stainless steel surface protection offers a multitude of design capabilities and a sustainable barrier to wear and tear. Offering some truly unique benefits in challenging healthcare environments, stainless steel panels can be paired with additional products such as corner guards, crash rails, end wall protectors, and wall guards. Lightweight and highly durable, these solutions present real benefits where protection is a priority.

  • Easy installation with simple mounting screw holes
  • 15 Year Warranty against material and manufacturing defects
  • No. 4 satin finish for added visual appeal
  • Available in floor to ceiling heights

Fibre-reinforced panels (FRP)

Fibre-reinforced panels are resin-rich surfaces that are manufactured with durability, longevity and infection control in-mind. While these solutions are easy to install thanks to their lightweight form, they provide extremely high strength-to-weight ratio; meaning high-risk interiors can benefit from high impact resistance that prevents shattering, scratches and abrasions. Built to the highest hygiene standards, Fibre-reinforced panels also improve health & indoor air quality.

  • Moisture resistant to prevent rust, corrosion and the spread of mold & mildew
  • Simplify hygiene protocols thanks to easy cleaning with regular detergents & water
  • Suitable in a range of settings including treatment rooms & food processing areas
  • Fibre reinforced laminate product may also be available


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