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Robust, reliable privacy for high-use environments

Available in a range of colours, materials and finishes; our selection of partitions offers privacy with a combination of durability and economy.

Washrooms and changerooms

Toilets and washrooms are among the most hardworking facilities in the healthcare sector, and good design can be an important line of defence against infection as well as poor hygiene and vandalism. Effective toilet partitions offer a vital combination of protection and privacy.

Hygienic security is right at the heart of the public health agenda. Investing in quality partitions can protect your facilities from the worst impacts of high-usage while offering peaceful seclusion to those who use them.


Bacterial cells per square inch on the bathroom surfaces (LiveScience)


The average cost of a single incident of vandalism in the U.S. (U.S. Small Business Administration)


The proportion of property crime incidents involving graffiti (U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics)


Canadians living with inflammatory bowel disease, which means they need access to clean, private washroom spaces at all times

Phenolic toilet partitions

Toilets and washrooms are prime targets for vandalism, including graffiti. Phenolic toilet partitions offer robust protection, with graffiti easily removed using water and industrial-strength remover. Constructed using integrally bonded coloured face sheets and black phenolic-resin core, these products are scratch, dent and moisture resistant and come with a concealed stainless steel hardware package. Phenolic partitions offer an almost limitless array of solid colours, patterns and faux-wood effects to suit any interior aesthetic.

  • Resistant to bacteria, oil, stains, and water
  • Support high levels of hygiene with easy-clean design
  • Long lifespan, representing a worthy investment
  • Moisture resistance for use in high-humidity

Metal powder coated toilet partitions

Give your restroom the protection it needs with metal powder coated toilet partitions. These sturdy bathroom defenders offer a unique combination of strength and cost-effectiveness. With powder coat finishes available in a wide range of colours, these washroom essentials are easily installed by our trusted Installation Team. From public use settings to staff quarters and key healthcare environments, including change rooms, these solutions offer protected privacy where needed most.

  • Sturdy, impact-resistant solution built for ultimate longevity
  • Suitable for a range of settings, from healthcare to public use
  • Available with a range of enhanced privacy options
  • Installer-friendly

Stainless steel toilet partitions

Where privacy and protection are a priority, Stainless steel toilet partitions are the ultimate solution. Offering a superior-quality appearance and unrivalled performance, our stainless steel toilet partitions also come at a cost-effective price point. Gleaming metallic surfaces add a touch of class to your facilities while offering the highest levels of sustainability and hygienic security.

  • Available with a range of different privacy options
  • Available in brushed dtainless or embossed textured pattern
  • Optional embossed offering increased protection against vandalism
  • Fireproof & recyclable

Plastic Toilet Partitions

Constructed from superior, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), plastic toilet partitions are a cost-effective solution to provide privacy and protection in high use locations. Particularly suitable in wet environments such as public pools and shower rooms, this sturdy infrastructure resists delamination, dents, flakes, cracks and breaks.

  • Wide range of colours available
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty against breakage, delamination & corrosion
  • Water resistant to prevent damage caused by humidity & moisture, even in 100% humidity environments
  • Heavy-duty material requiring minimal maintenance efforts


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