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For peace of mind on security & infection control

Made from tough, easy-care materials, lockers are an essential feature of staff rest areas, shower rooms, pharmacies and wards.


Secure locker facilities provide much more than a space to store personal effects and clothing. In healthcare environments, they’re an important aspect of infection control protocols, facilitating hygienic storage of uniforms and preventing cross contamination from the outside world.

Providing secure storage means staff can relax and get on with their work knowing their personal possessions are safe, protects the property of vulnerable or incapacitated patients, and can also improve drug security.

29 million

Doses of opioid drugs lost or stolen in Canadian hospitals from 2014-18 (Source: Health Canada)


Of Canadians are aware of theft or fraud occurring in their workplace



Number of days norovirus can live on clothing


of MRSA perished on a HDPE surface without the use of cleaning products

Powder coated metal lockers

Metal lockers are an extremely durable, cost-effective and installer-friendly option that will provide many years of reliable performance. Made from steel coated in a resin-based, heat-cured powder, they are fire retardant and highly resistant to accidental or wilful damage as well as rust, mold and mildew. Powder coated metal surfaces are easy to wipe down, but may not be suitable for wet or humid environments such as shower rooms. They are available in a wide range of colours to co-ordinate with existing interior fixtures including toilet partitions.

  • Highly durable
  • Most fire-safe option
  • Good ventilation
  • Wide range of colours and styles

Plastic (HDPE) lockers

Lockers made from HDPE are a more expensive option but offer total durability, low maintenance and peace of mind on hygiene. They are impact, scratch and dent resistant, and are immune to moisture-related problems such as rust, mold and mildew. They can be wiped, scrubbed or even hosed down and are ideal for wet rooms or even outdoor use. Our HDPE lockers are one of the only models on the market that are fully fire rated. HDPE has an added benefit in that the surface is naturally germ-resistant – one study showed that 98.4% of MRSA perished within 24 hours on an HDPE surface without the use of any cleaning products, giving this locker type a significant advantage in terms of infection control, particularly if staff don’t have an individually allocated locker.

  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • 100% moisture-proof
  • Suitable for wet areas
  • Naturally anti-bacterial

Locker benefits at a glance

Secure storage for staff & patient valuables

Reduces workplace thefts

Reduces risk of clothing cross-contamination

Keeps interiors tidy & safe


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