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Senior Living and Long-Term Care

It’s our privilege to play a part in caring for the vulnerable.

Our work helps to create protective, intuitive interiors designed to support people with complex needs, championing independence and providing the safety net they need to get the most out of life in a caring environment.

Feels like home

Senior Living Communities offer a supportive living environment that promotes safety and independence. Most importantly, it’s home.

Belroc’s expertise and comprehensive product portfolio allows care homes to establish and maintain inclusive, uplifting spaces that support residents. We specialize in solutions for infection control, surface protection and privacy options that make residences robust and safe.

Our goal is to help Canada respond to the need for increased development of first-class care homes. Our expertise in this sector means we understand how to deliver adaptable retirement living and long-term care interiors that are equipped with complex healthcare and clinical needs, while also providing a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing feel.

It’s vital that retirement residences meet residents’ emotional needs for comfort, enjoyment and individuality – and interior design has an important role to play. Belroc Refresh helps retirement homes to maintain inclusive, uplifting spaces that support residents with dignity and respect.

Welcoming Interiors

We provide a wide range of interior specialties designed to enhance and protect retirement communities. This includes wall protection, handrails, locker storage, washroom partitions & accessories and tub or shower room enhancements.

Seamless Installation

We’ve drawn on 20 years of experience to develop a simple, scalable program that enables care homes to maintain interiors to the highest standards, without disrupting the daily routines of the people who live there.

Customized Service

From municipally or individually owned to corporations with multiple locations, we work closely with your team to plan and execute interior upgrades that support your vision for quality and consistency, while meeting your needs on budget, aesthetics and compliance.

Expert Project Management

We provide a complete design, specification and installation service governed by our unique project management methodology, 3DX. This refined process ensures complete transparency, accountability and efficiency from start to finish.

Specialist packages for hardworking & supportive interiors

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Senior Living and Long-Term Care Technical Downloads

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