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Safer, cleaner shower facilities with BioStat curtains

Since the start of this pandemic, facilities everywhere have invested heavily in surface hygiene – a key risk factor for cross-infection when it comes to SARS-Cov-2. The surfaces that we regularly touch – such as hand rails, door furniture, elevators, keypads and even washroom fixtures – have become a major focal point, with all facilities keen to ensure that these surfaces can be cleaned effectively, easily and often.

But what about surfaces we already assume to be clean?

In the washroom, for example, we worry a lot about the stall partitions, the toilet seat and the door handle as places we are more likely to pick up pathogens from somebody else’s hands. We worry much less about areas that come into contact with running water, such as the sink bowl or the shower curtain, making the assumption that these things get rinsed down regularly so they must be pretty clean, right?


Shower rooms are an environment where germs can hide in plain sight. While hard surfaces like tiled floors or vinyl walls are easy to disinfect, giving bacteria, viruses and fungi little opportunity to take hold, soft surfaces like shower curtains can provide exactly the environment they need to thrive. Tucked away in the folds of a nylon or vinyl shower curtain, in a warm and moist environment, they can multiply quickly and pose a considerable hygiene challenge since these surfaces can’t always be disinfected easily.

Of course, many healthcare settings provide shower facilities for both staff and patients, so this risk is concerning for facility managers in this sector, particularly in the current climate.


What are BioStat curtains?

BioStat shower curtains from Belroc offer a solution to these concerns by providing built-in antibacterial protection and ‘clean in place’ technology for additional peace of mind in both staff and patient environments.

Part of our InstaSwap product family, BioStat shower curtains are made from scrubbable vinyl with a special antibacterial coating that prevents microbial activity and stops germs in their tracks. This coating also makes the curtains highly resistant to wear and stains, making them a practical, value for money choice in both staff and patient showers.

Like InstaSwap, BioStat shower curtains have a mesh top portion which helps to maximise natural light and ventilation, which allows steam to escape from the shower cubicle and facilitates faster drying of the curtains and enclosure after use. In turn, this creates a less humid environment that discourages the growth of bacteria as well as fungi and mold. These organisms tend to thrive in shower environments and as well as causing unsightly stains, can be a risk to health, especially for people with respiratory illnesses.

BioStat is designed to be cleaned ‘in place’ which means there’s no need to take the curtain down; it can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped or rinsed down. Heavy soiling may require scrubbing or soaking to return your BioStat curtains to pristine condition, ready for use again.

For further information about BioStat or to arrange a consultation, email Dan Lawrenson;