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Ramping up hospital capacity ahead of Canada’s winter surge

hospital bed capacity

The numbers are changing rapidly all the time, but a standout statistic for this week is that Covid-19 cases in Canada have doubled since the start of November, with chief public health officer Theresa Tam predicting that we could be seeing 10,000 cases per day in Canada if more is not done to curb the spread.

For hospitals, this translates into unsustainable levels of demand for beds, especially in ICUs. The prairies and Atlantic provinces are currently Canada’s Covid hotspots when we consider cases per capita, and although Ontario is faring relatively well by comparison, there are still concerns that COVID-19 activity might be enough to overwhelm the province’s healthcare system.

The number of COVID-19 patients in Ontario intensive care units is already high enough to jeopardize some scheduled surgeries, and latest modelling data suggests the situation will only get worse before the end of the year. Lockdowns look imminent, but these measures will take time to have an effect on positive cases and resulting hospital admissions.

Our frontline healthcare services, many of whom are Belroc customers, face another tough battle in the weeks and months ahead.

Ramping up hospital capacity, fast

We’re already seeing a big uplift in enquiries about our InstaSwap curtain system as facilities scramble to upgrade environments and create additional capacity ahead of this winter peak. We’re doing everything we can to help our clients in healthcare maximise capacity and infection control, fast.

InstaSwap system is a key way that facilities can increase their ability to care for more people in extraordinary circumstances. By adding more bays to existing wards or repurposing other spaces within the hospital to accommodate patient overflows, we’re helping our clients to be more adaptable in the face of a crisis, without compromising on safety and dignity.

InstaSwap’s modular system doesn’t only create more capacity, it also facilitates better hygiene by making it easy to switch out and launder curtain panels that would otherwise be an infection risk. With its antimicrobial curtain fabric and innovative ‘snap off’ panels, InstaSwap makes it simple for staff to change curtains as often as necessary, avoiding the risk of cross-infection much more effectively than with conventional curtain systems. Read more about the key benefits of InstaSwap here.

Rapid response: ready-to-ship products

Right now, time is of the essence for hospitals and other healthcare facilities as they respond to an evolving situation on the ground. With this in mind, we’ve developed a new Fast Track system to support facilities seeking to urgently upgrade or increase capacity.

Fast Track, as the name suggests, is focused on curtain track systems which we now have available for immediate shipping in a standard specification and a range of standard lengths. This best-selling track is extruded from clear, anodized aluminium which offers heavy duty strength and durability. It is engineered for optimal performance and effortless, free-flowing movement, and meets most common track specifications.

For the curtains themselves, we are pleased to offer Quick Ship options on many of our most popular InstaSwap fabrics, enabling facilities to press fast forward on their surge capacity plans with immediate effect.

To discuss your requirements, email Dan Lawrenson – – or call 866-805-6739 Ext. 212.