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Procore: Achieving efficiency for our clients

We held our Quarterly Staff Meeting recently at Belroc and one of the things we discussed in some detail was our new project management software system, Procore.

Of course, this was nothing new to the team, especially since Jon, Caitlin and other key staff members have put in a huge amount of work getting to grips with the system over the past few months – but it was a great chance to reflect on how it’s working so far and crucially, what benefits it’s delivering for our clients.

Procore is a fully mobile optimised platform that connects all stakeholders across the entire project lifecycle, from preconstruction to handover.  Procore offers more than 300 custom integrations for other tools including email, Zoom, document management, accounting, BIM tools – even weather!  Its core aim is to deliver greater visibility and better communication, for increased productivity and tangible cost and time savings.  

We can already see that Procore is giving us greater connectivity with customers, suppliers and internal staff – and when we communicate better, we work better as a team.  Procore enables us to keep all collaborators on a project in the loop in real time, and to update all stakeholders at once via the platform, with mobile notifications so there are no barriers to keeping people informed – not even the busy on-site ones who rarely delve into their inboxes!

Site visits are happening weekly and the updates are being loaded into Procore so that we have complete full visibility of site issues throughout the business.  Procore stores all the correspondence related to each job so that accountability is easy to establish and disputes or issues can be quickly ironed out.

The platform also enables us to respond to requests for information right from the site in real time, contributing to much faster issue resolution and an overall streamlined route to close out.  Procore’s capabilities are practically infinite and we still have much to learn, but we’re already seeing the benefits for our clients in terms of efficiency and we’re excited to do more within this amazing platform!

Want to know more about how Belroc can bring expertise and efficiency to your next project?  Get in touch!