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Privacy curtains and the risk of cross-infection

The current coronavirus outbreak originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan has put cross-infection in healthcare facilities under intense scrutiny as medics scramble to prevent a global pandemic.

Preventing the spread of such infections is becoming more complex as humans live in increasingly close quarters and travel more widely. In hospital and healthcare settings, growing demand for services means a need for fast turnarounds and this can present hygiene challenges, especially when facilities are already under pressure.
Effective hand washing and the use of protective clothing and masks is always a first line of defence against cross-contamination, but the environments patients are treated in can also be a hotbed for viral and bacterial activity.

Hard, smooth surfaces make it difficult for germs to multiply and are easier to disinfect, making the use of surface protection vital; soft surfaces, on the other hand, present a tougher challenge.
Hospital privacy curtains in particular are known to harbor pathogens whether from frequent touching by contaminated hands, the aerosol effect of coughs and sneezes, or direct contamination with bodily fluids.

A 2018 Canadian study showed that hospital curtains become increasingly contaminated over time, with 87.5% of test curtains showing positive for MRSA.
Belroc’s innovative products are designed to help hospitals and healthcare facilities stay ahead of the game on hygiene, and we don’t stop at easy-clean wall protection and premium washrooms.

For nursing and long-term care, our InstaSwap curtain offers a sustainable, cost-effective and efficient solution. The track system is fitted with a non-absorbent mesh that attaches with snap fasteners to the lower portion of the curtain. This can then be removed and laundered with ease, without the need for stepladders, ensuring that regular washing is practical and easily managed. The curtain size is standardized, with variations in ceiling height accommodated by custom mesh, which means there’s no need for complex organization – one size fits any room.

We’re proud to be selected by many of Canada’s leading clinical settings to help safeguard the health of their patients and staff. Contact us today to discuss your facility’s requirements.