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Press ‘go’ on your spring break refurbishment plans

Winter still has much of North America in an icy grip, but there are some subtle signs that spring is on the way. For the education sector, that means one thing – vacation time is coming!

While students look forward to the spring and summer breaks as a chance to down tools, teachers and professors, school boards and janitors recognise this as a vital window for carrying out pressing maintenance and refurbishment tasks.

Scuffed walls and doors, broken lockers and graffiti on washroom partitions are just some of the common issues – and failure to address them means small problems can quickly turn into big, costly ones.

Belroc has vast experience of helping schools, colleges and universities to complete these essential fixes even when time and money are in short supply. We offer comprehensive packages for surface and door protection, washroom partitions and accessories, and facility resources including lockers, benches and window blinds.

Using our unique 3DX methodology, we deliver a solution that meets or exceeds all expectations – with no hassle, and no unexpected delays or costs.

Many of our clients in the education sector are currently benefitting from standing order arrangements for their Division 10 needs. This means Belroc is on call to carry out their measuring, scheduling and installation of refurbishment projects across multiple sites. With priority service to help them to keep on top of maintenance even during the busy summer months.