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Plan now for summer upgrades

It’s hard to believe we are in March already, and the end of another academic year is in sight! With spring break, exam time and lots of extra-curricular activities, the spring semester tends to fly past in busy school and colleges, so it’s easy to get caught napping on your maintenance schedule.

Almost all schools prefer to avoid the disruption of carrying out refurbishment work during term time. This means that holiday periods become extremely busy for contractors and suppliers, and it’s a case of ‘the early bird catches the worm’ when it comes to getting projects booked in.

We’re already experiencing high demand for products and installations over the summer holidays, and lead times for ordering materials also begin to stretch out at this time of year due to increased demand across the sector. If you’ve got an upgrade on your mind, now is the time to get in touch!

Few environments experience the kind of wear and tear that schools and colleges have to cope with. Unlike other settings, which tend to experience low to medium levels of foot traffic spread across the day, education settings usually see intense bursts of activity, with large crowds of students moving around their buildings simultaneously as they travel between classes and use washrooms or locker banks. With new students coming in each year, facilities are on a constant cycle of rotation. As well as general deterioration through use or accidental damage, there’s also increased likelihood of vandalism.

Students may not be the best at taking care of their school environment, but the school environment has a duty to take care of them. Code requirements exist to ensure students have a safe, hygienic school environment that is accessible to all, regardless of their physical abilities.

At Belroc we specialize in products designed to enhance and protect the school environment.

Hallways, locker bays and washrooms are some of the most challenging areas for schools to keep fresh and we aim to make this task easier by supplying high-quality products that can withstand the demands of everyday school life. Seamless wall protection eliminates scuffs and scrapes and resists graffiti, making it easy for janitorial staff to keep communal areas clean and hygienic. Smart washroom design and quality accessories create aesthetically-pleasing spaces that promote good hygiene and encourage students to respect the school environment. Robust lockers and benches offer privacy and security for both students and staff, and are designed to last for years.

If your school building falls short in one or more of these areas, now is the time to schedule in an upgrade, ensuring you start the new school year off in September on the right foot. Our superior product range comes with expert advice and our unique 3DX project management strategy as standard, for zero hassle and no unexpected costs. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.