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Partner with Belroc to catch low-hanging healthcare fruit

Building Under Construction with Two Cranes

Last month, Ontario’s Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy announced significant new spending on health care and new hospital spaces, with an additional $1.8 billion pledged to create more than 3,100 additional hospital beds in the next year alone.

This comes as part of a $30.2 billion investment in hospital infrastructure over the next 10 years, including an additional $3 billion since the 2020 Budget.

The ambitious plans fall loosely into three categories: 

  • Defeating Covid-19, 
  • Fixing Long-Term Care and 
  • Caring for People. 

Announcing the budget, the Minister acknowledged that better healthcare is a central part of Ontario’s recovery from the effects of the pandemic, stating: “You can’t have a healthy economy without healthy people. For the past year, we have been focused on protecting people from COVID-19. Many challenges lie ahead. But with vaccines being distributed in every corner of the province, hope is on the horizon. We are ready to finish the job we started one year ago.”

So what does this mean for the wider economy?

This additional spending on healthcare will generate employment for thousands of Ontarians and create low-hanging fruit for the construction sector.  A significant percentage of the investment is earmarked for infrastructure projects including $1.8 billion in 2021–22 to help hospitals keep pace with patient needs and increase access to high-quality care. This includes the addition of 3,100 new beds — the equivalent of six large community hospitals.

Construction contracts for new inpatient and long-term care facilities will be awarded to contractors with a proven track record in the sector who are able to demonstrate commitment to understanding the needs of healthcare providers across acute and long-term care.

Where does Belroc fit in?

Interior speciality products are fundamental to the development of healthcare environments.  As well as being key to the longevity of these interiors, Division 10 products work in synergy with people and the built environment to create spaces that are safe, protective and highly functional.

Therefore it’s vital that Division 10 products are not considered in isolation but within the overall scheme of a living, breathing interior that provides a supportive environment for healing.

Often, interior specialties are sourced from multiple suppliers, leaving the designer or contractor to figure out how the various elements will dovetail to create an interior that meets the needs of the client and the end user, as well as satisfying building compliance regulations.

With this approach, it’s inevitable that hiccups will arise – and however minor, it inevitably takes time and money to shuffle the jigsaw pieces into place.

Engaging with Belroc in the design phase helps our clients to avoid common pitfalls around specification and installation of interior specialties, that can end up causing lengthy delays and costly overspends.  

Belroc offers architects, designers and contractors the opportunity to tap into vital expertise at this early stage – particularly when it comes to built-in elements such as wall protection and washrooms.  

With more than 20 years of sector expertise and an iron-clad understanding of the relevant code requirements, we can help clients understand how interior specialties work in synergy within healthcare environments and advise on the best solutions for future-proofed interiors that meet their requirements on safety, performance, compliance, aesthetic and budget.

Our manufacturing partners include many of the leading lights in healthcare interior specialties, which gives our customers access to the very latest innovations in protection, privacy and infection control.

Best of all, Belroc brings together a full ensemble of interior speciality products, from privacy cubicles and handrails to washroom accessories and interior amenities, all under one roof.  Our customers never need to worry about whether the wall sheeting specified for their project is compatible with the handrail that’s been chosen, because we cross-check – even if we’re not supplying both.  

In addition to our customized packages, Belroc brings project management to the table – our 3DX process is an internal framework that guides the scoping, specification and provision of both products and services.  Feedback from our existing clients confirms that this takes a significant burden off the shoulders of construction managers, giving them a single, clear point of contact for Division 10 for a fully accountable process and a seamless outcome.

Get in touch to find out more about our product portfolio and how partnering with Belroc can help you win new business and boost your reputation as a healthcare construction specialist.