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Meet the Team: Justin Martin

At a time when we’re all being urged to stay apart from each other, even at work, it must be very strange to start a new job and try to build relationships with your colleagues – but we’re very glad that Belroc’s latest addition was undaunted by the prospect! Justin has joined our warehouse team and brings a wealth of shipping and handling experience to the table – which is much needed and welcome after a busy period during which it has been a case of ‘all hands to the pump’ due to staff shortages in this department! Justin has thrown himself into his new role and is already proving himself to be a much-valued member of the Belroc team. We caught up with him to find out more…

Hi Justin – and welcome to Belroc! Tell us a little about yourself – how long have you been with the company and what’s your role?
Hello – and thanks! Well, I’m originally from Oshawa, Ontario and my previous role was with Emmerson Packaging who are based in Nova Scotia so I’ve moved around a fair bit, and in that time I like to think I’ve built up a lot of expertise in shipping and handling. I’ve been with Belroc for three weeks now and my role basically involves all aspects of shipping and warehouse management. I’m already familiar with a lot of the tasks here, and I’m excited to learn more about the ones that are new to me as well as getting to know everyone better!

What’s your favorite thing about your role so far?
I have a few favorite things about this position. The people here are great to work with, plsu I have a little more control and responsibility here when it comes to shipping and receiving. Last but definitely not least, the hours are fantastic – no more shift work!

What’s the most challenging thing?
The most challenging thing I think is the extra tasks involved apart from shipping/receiving, things like setting up deliveries, or finding different shipping companies with better rates. These behind the scenes tasks were all set up for me in my previous roles so I never needed to think about it, but although it’s a learning curve, I’m really enjoying the new responsibilities and challenges they bring.

What would you say is important for succeeding in your role?
I would say that staying organized and on top of things is definitely key to this position. It’s busy, so if a task gets overlooked the backlog can snowball – personally, I have found that setting up daily task sheets has helped me a great deal.

If you didn’t work at Belroc, what would your dream job be?
I think my dream job would be a musician.

Tell us about your life away from work – how do you unwind?
I lead kind of a boring life outside of work, I dabble in music a little, gaming from time to time and a lot of movie watching. Exercise has always been a hobby but hasn’t really been a part of the daily routine with Covid going around. Thankfully I get to stay active at work!

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?