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Meet the Team: Amy Webb

Our most valuable asset here at Belroc is our dedicated staff. We are very proud to have assembled a team of committed professionals who have fully immersed themselves in our culture and subscribe to our vision of delivering the best quality, most efficient service to our customers. Our newest recruit Amy Webb might not have heard of 3DX before she came to Belroc just a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been applying the same principles throughout her extensive career in sales – and she’s certainly slotted right into our team with her meticulous approach and fantastic interpersonal skills! We caught up with Amy to find out a little more…

Hello Amy! Tell us a little bit about your new role at Belroc and what you did before…
Hi! I’ve only been with Belroc for a few weeks, and my role is Sales Co-Ordinator. My job description includes a little of everything – from organizing schedules and delivering promotions, to liaising with clients on open quotes and securing deals, I am here to support the sales team from start to finish. Prior to this, I spent almost two decades developing my sales and marketing skills, building relationships and enhancing service delivery at one of the top three leading insurance firms in Canada. More recently I took a bit of a risk to work on a passion of mine, serving my community, as the Economic Development & Marketing Officer.

How are you finding your role at Belroc so far?
Everything is still so new! Each day feels like I am completing a mini-challenge, but in a good way. So far I’m really loving the culture here the most. It is amazing to be a part of a team that believes strongly in the products, processes and services that they deliver. 3DX is what attracted me to Belroc and is an excellent model that more small businesses should follow.

What would you say are the key attributes required to perform well in your role?
I would say soft transferrable skills such as work ethic, organization, courage and confidence to start new relationships, the ability to uncover gaps and opportunities, and understanding the big picture. It’s a varied role that requires you to be adaptable, and the ability to just relate to people and build good relationships is invaluable.

If you didn’t work at Belroc, what would your dream job be?
Honestly my dream job would to have been to be a stay at home mom. Now that my children are growing older, I would reconsider the idea of being a travel blogger! I have always wanted to travel more and writing/sharing experiences with others comes with ease. I’d also love to spend more time sketching and painting.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that colleagues might not know?
I’m not afraid to get dirty! In 2015 I completed the Ottawa Mud Hero and am planning on going back, with my teenage daughters this time, in 2020.

Name one thing you couldn’t live without?
Those who know me probably would have guessed food, but truly it’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is needed to ensure that you can be fresh and your best daily. And I have no shame in squeezing in a nap here and there. I certainly could not survive without sleep!