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March Employee of the Month: Amy Webb

The latter part of March was certainly an eventful one in the office. As the majority of our staff switched to working from home, it became clear that Belroc could and should play a role in Canada’s response to the coronavirus. We embarked on an extremely busy period in which we have brought two new products to market in record time, in order to support the heroic efforts of healthcare professionals as they scramble to prepare for the peak of the outbreak.

Before all that, however, we held our Employee of the Month vote and we are delighted to announce that the winner for the month of March was our sales co-ordinator, Amy Webb! In the eight months that Amy’s been with Belroc she has proved herself to be a dynamic and well-liked member of the team. She’s been instrumental in our Covid-19 response thanks to her can-do attitude and ability to build relationships which has supported the company as we reached out to new manufacturers. We caught up with Amy for a quick chat…

Hi Amy! Congratulations on being named Employee of the Month! Can you tell us a bit about your career at Belroc so far?

Thank you! It’s really nice to get this recognition from my colleagues, especially since I’ve only been withBelroc for 8 months. My role is Sales Co-Ordinator, and my job description includes a little of everything – from organizing schedules and delivering promotions, to liaising with clients on open quotes and securing deals. Before this I worked in insurance, where client relationships really go hand in hand with sales and marketing, and I think those skills have really helped me to find my feet at Belroc.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Belroc?

Belroc is very diverse for a small business. The best part of working here is the open-growth mindset. There is no challenge too big or small that we haven’t been able to handle, always working as a team, and striving for improvement. The recent emergency response for COVID-19 is a perfect example. Belroc immediately supported staff working from home, are constantly looking at ways to improve our communications and have stepped up to offer new products that our existing clients are demanding to deal with the crisis. The company has taken an optimistic approach to tackling the task at hand without limiting our future – that’s really inspiring as an employee.

What’s the most challenging thing about your job?

I am known as the ‘people person’ or ‘connector’ for Belroc. This role allows me to be in contact with all kinds of leads and clients. My focus is to learn how our partners work, specifically their business structure and the function of individual roles within them. Communication with the right person is key. This is important in the office also, as the Sales department defines the process for all the other departments.

Tell us a little more about your life away from work…

I live in a small community called Seeley’s Bay, just outside the city of Kingston on the Rideau Canal. I am a single mom of three teens, so the majority of my time away from work is spent helping the kids grow and develop into young adults. Soon my twin girls will have their license and be able to drive themselves to work, but for the most part I love to attend their school band performances, swim meets and cheerleading competitions. And recently, my son has found a love for theatre, which has always been a favourite pastime of mine. I enjoy cooking and baking for my family, and when I do find alone time, I enjoy quiet hikes.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…

I’m a pretty plain jane kinda gal… I guess my laugh? I think I bellow, but I’m told it is infectious. Oh, and there was this one time I shook Prince Charles hand when he was in Kingston on a Canadian tour with Princess Diana in 1991!