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How our company values benefit you

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A wise man once said, ‘if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything’.  At Belroc, we believe it’s important to have defined company values that we can look to when we’re pushing towards a shared objective, or even when things are going a little off track.

The past year has been a bumpy ride for all businesses and during this time, having our values to fall back on has helped us as a business to keep taking steps forward, whether big or small.

Our values are very important to us internally, because they make sure we’re all paddling this canoe in sync – but we believe they also have benefits for you, our customer.  Whether you’re already a Belroc customer, or you’re thinking about doing business with us in the future, you might be interested to know more about those values, and what they mean for you.

Our business is built on three core values:  Results, Synergy and Improvement.

But what do our values mean for our customers?

Getting results

Let’s start with results.  We all know what results are, and for us as a company this focuses on growth – but how does that benefit you?

To put it simply, we know that results don’t come unless we put our customers first.  When we prioritise your priorities, we’re able to deliver the best possible service and as a result, we’re able to achieve our internal business objective of growth – in reputation and in revenue.  It’s in our culture to empower our employees to take control of the things they can influence for the customer, whether that’s providing information, going the extra mile to source a product, or pulling out all the stops to get an order shipped on time.

Often, our customers are surprised to find out that we’re actually a pretty compact team, and we believe this is because we empower our people to be proactive when it comes to solving issues and taking responsibility for outputs.  The past year has been a great example of how this works for our customers, because even when the world seemed to turn upside down, we were able to keep functioning and responding to their needs by working closely together (even when we were far apart!).

Working in synergy

Synergy follows on from our results value and the idea that our business is like a machine made up of vital, individual parts.  Think about the way a rowing team works together to gather speed, or the neck-prickling sound of an orchestra playing in perfect harmony.  When something is in synergy, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  

This means we must work to identify our own strengths and weaknesses – sharing knowledge when we can, and being open to receiving guidance when we need it.  Only when we set ego aside can we work selflessly to further our own needs as a company and more importantly, your needs as our customer.  

If you’ve worked with Belroc before, you’ll know that synergy shines through strongly in the Define phase of our 3DX process, where we balance listening intently to the client’s requirements, while also drawing on our own expertise to develop creative solutions.  It’s also vital for the Direct phase, when we must work in sync with many other stakeholders, ranging from architects, designers and builders through to facility owners and service users.  It’s our job to dovetail all their requirements related to things like safety, compliance, budget and aesthetic, and develop a Division 10 package that harmonises all those elements.

Work better with Belroc

Improvement is perhaps the simplest of our values and also the most valuable for the customer, because it really focuses on stripping away barriers to performance.  Internally, that means things like reducing red tape, organizing our time well and streamlining cashflow as well as focusing on personal and professional development for our team.  When we do this, it has clear benefits for the customer.  We’re always working to improve internal systems and processes that can ultimately deliver efficiencies for the client.  This might be fiscal – buying more or better to pass on economies to the client.  It might be practical – such as using our Project Pods to reduce freight charges and carbon emissions, and make sure that the client has all their materials on site, or the methods our installers use to minimize disruption on site.  It might be something as simple as making sure all of our team has a good working knowledge of the business, so they’re equipped to answer questions on the phone without needing to ‘pass the baton’.

Our company values are for us, but they’re for you too.  

To learn more about working with Belroc or to find out about our comprehensive Division 10 packages, arrange a meeting with Owen Lawrenson –