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Hospital Overcapacity: How is your facility accommodating patients?

At any given time, Canadian Hospitals are running at between 102% and 104% of their capacity. At busy times such as FLU season, its even higher. How is your facility accommodating these extra patients?

Overcap is often a daily struggle for health care facilities. At any given time, there may be one or two areas of the hospital that is perpetually over capacity. Overcap patients can wait long hours or even days until they are admitted into a private or semi private room. In the interim, the hallway often serves as “the room.”

Beds in hallways are subject to constant noise, foot traffic, and activity that can deprive the patient of needed rest. The lack of privacy can cause anxiety as well as indignation as the patient may be visible to visitors and other patients.

While we cannot easily solve the critical issue of overcap, we can change the way we approach patient privacy. Instead of the traditional concept of taking the patient to the privacy, what about bringing the privacy to the patient? Portable privacy screens can help provide that temporary privacy to the ‘over-cap’ patients that so desperately need it. And deserve it.

Portable privacy screens are a giant step towards improving a so-far still-compromised patient experience.

Source: New feed