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Hospital Emergency Wait Times… and Out of Date Surroundings

In reading a report done by the Auditor General, it was alarming to notice that Ontario wait times were higher than the R.O.C., higher than Australia, the UK, the US, and significantly higher than Germany and the Netherlands. So, why is that? What is causing suffering Ontario citizens to spend more time waiting to be admitted to our hospitals?

It was put down to a number of things. One particular paragraph caught my eye. It pertained to a delay in moving admitted patients to ward beds and freeing up the ER beds for new patients. Part of this was a result of rooms not being cleaned in a timely fashion.

Cleaning delays? Seriously? When someone’s hovering between life and death?

And this is no reflection at all on the hardworking housekeepers. It’s a cumbersome job. Shouldn’t some more thought be put into development of this part of Healthcare? A hospital room in terms of room furnishings is not far of what it was 25 or 30 years ago. For example linens, bedding, privacy curtains…what about some advance and upgrades in this area? Could disposable be an option?

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