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High standard school washrooms will be vital post-lockdown

Hygiene in schools and colleges has always been important. But looking ahead to a post-Covid world, it’s clear that as education facilities welcome their students back, cleanliness will be of paramount importance in the fight against infection and disease. We all now know from bitter experience that hygiene is key to preventing the spread of illness, and investing in first-class facilities is just one way that schools can protect themselves and their students from the enormous human and economic costs of a pandemic in the future.

Of course, we’re not saying that hand washing could have prevented the Covid-19 pandemic – it’s not that simple. But people all over the world are now acutely aware of how hygienic the facilities they frequent are. Previously, hygiene was something we didn’t think about too much, but now we make decisions based on how safe we feel in places like stores and pharmacies – and when lockdown ends, that same confidence (or lack thereof) will surely extend to our schools. It will be hugely important for facilities to show that they are on top of hygiene, and since people tend to make judgements about the overall hygiene of a facility based on the state of its washrooms, this is an obvious place to begin.

Washroom design is critical for optimal hygiene performance. The most up-to-date standards include seamless design around hand rails, dryers and mirrors, and non-porous materials for partitions. The result is a washroom that is easy to clean, with very few places for bacteria to hide. By contrast, an older washroom may have laminated particle board partitions and dated accessories, with lots of cracks and crevices where moisture can penetrate, making them more difficult to clean and providing the perfect breeding ground for pathogens. Perhaps most importantly, these older washrooms rarely look as clean as their modern counterparts, even when spotless – and in a post-Covid world, perceptions of hygiene are likely to be every bit as important as hygiene itself.

Belroc’s expertise in the design and installation of modern washroom facilities enables our education clients to offer the very highest standards for staff and students. School washrooms must not only be super-hygienic but also able to withstand heavy use, and our industry knowledge takes all the guesswork out of creating spaces that are functional, code-compliant and also aesthetically pleasing. We work closely with construction companies and facility managers to deliver first-class washroom facilities using our unique 3DX strategy. With full transparency and start-to-finish project management, our approach ensures a seamless installation whether your project is a one-off refurbishment or part of a larger construction scheme.

So, take a long, hard look at your existing washrooms (or your upcoming plans). Will they give your staff and students the confidence they need to come back to your school or college in a world that has been forever changed by a virus? If the answer is no, get in touch!