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Helping care homes adapt to crisis

So much has been written about the impact of Covid-19 on Canada’s hospitals, which are scrambling to put resources in place for the expected surge in cases over the coming weeks.

But care homes in Canada, and indeed around the world, are also facing a crisis. Long term care and residential facilities are home to thousands of people who are especially vulnerable to Covid-19 and with hospital resources expected to come under intense strain as the virus peaks, these organisations are understandably concerned about how they will cope with issues like staff shortages, infection control and morbidity.

An emergency declaration for Ontario aims to address some of these concerns by changing protocols in long-term care homes to enable them to respond more effectively to the challenges of Covid-19. This includes redeployment and reassignment of staff, changes to schedules and annual leave, and recruitment of temporary staff. Plans are also afoot to increase the number of LTC beds across the district in order to provide isolation rooms for residents if required.

Belroc is already supporting hospitals as they deal with the effects of Covid-19 and prepare for an expected surge in cases. As specialists in Division 10 we also work closely with some of Ontario’s leading long-term care and retirement residence providers and we stand ready to support them through this crisis too.

Infection control is a critical part of any care home’s response to Covid-19. Interiors that are designed to provide a holistic environment that fosters a sense of community and belonging for residents may not be fully equipped to provide the kind of distancing required to prevent a serious outbreak of disease.

Privacy curtains, for example, are an important tool in infection control – but the opposite can also be true if they are not changed frequently. Belroc’s InstaSwap curtain system removes common barriers to frequent changeouts – such as time pressures and the risk of injury to staff – enabling care homes to maintain isolation protocols and patient dignity without compromising on hygiene. With its mesh top panel maximising natural light and promoting ventilation, and the lower curtain available in a wide range of designs, InstaSwap is ideal for home-from-home settings where it’s important to avoid an overtly clinical appearance, while maintaining a tight hold on infection control measures. InstaSwap is ideal for creating additional bed space, and for improving privacy and safety in wards or observation areas.

Belroc has brought two brand new products to market in direct response to the Covid-19 crisis – WatchPod and SpeediBed. Although developed specifically with temporary or field hospital settings in mind, these products are highly adaptable and offer care homes and alternative to curtained bays when creating emergency bed space.

In addition, we offer a wide range of hygiene and safety-focused products such as wall protection, hand rails and grab bars which are an essential element of any interior caring for elderly or vulnerable people.

Belroc provides an essential service to the healthcare sector. We remain open for business during this crisis and we’re committed to helping your organisation adapt at this extraordinary time. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.