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Happy National Construction Day!

Our construction sector is one that largely goes unrecognized for the contribution it makes to 21st century life here in Canada.  

A world without construction is a world without the buildings and infrastructure that form the pillars of a society where every citizen is entitled to a roof over their head, plus access to services such as healthcare, education, security and civic support.

That’s why each year on November 3, we celebrate National Construction Day as a way of recognizing and showing gratitude to the professionals in this sector for their contribution to the society we live in.

Here at Belroc, we feel honoured to partner with some of the biggest names in Canadian construction.  We never fail to be impressed by the professionalism, expertise and dedication shown by our construction colleagues, particularly when it comes to delivering publicly-funded projects.  We’re very proud that what we do empowers them to deliver great work for their clients, and ultimately for the end users of buildings like hospitals and care homes.

So how does Belroc support the construction sector?

Belroc is more than just another supplier of Division 10 interior specialty products. We’re a specialist provider of complete, customized Division 10 packages designed to deliver on functionality, aesthetics and budget.  As a construction contractor partnering with Belroc, you don’t just get access to a huge selection of interior-enhancing products – you also tap into two decades of expertise that can help you to save money, complete your installation faster, and exceed your customer’s expectations.

We cover a huge range of Division 10 specialties, with particular focus on patient privacy, wall & surface protection, washroom specialties and interior amenities such as storage racking, lockers, and more.  

Instead of sourcing these products piecemeal from a number of other suppliers, you’ll find everything you need to enhance and protect a new or existing building, all under one roof.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of choice, and also on our ability to work within strict budgetary parameters.  Many of our existing construction customers come to us early in the design or tendering process because they know our expertise will help them to avoid expensive mistakes, and save precious resources, right from the outset.

Value-adding methodology

If you’re already familiar with Belroc, you may have heard of 3DX – our project methodology.  This is another mechanism we use to support the construction sector, using a defined process to streamline our workflows and ensure that our projects come in on time and on budget, with no nasty surprises.  3DX defines the precise need and scope of work, develops a customized and unique solution, and then delivers as promised.  We can take care of this whole process from start to finish, including installation, or offer a supply only service if that’s your preference.  Whatever option you choose, you’ll benefit from dedicated project management at every stage, so you always know where you stand with Belroc.

Some of our long-standing construction clients have taken this service to the next level by allowing us to develop custom product portfolios on their behalf, enabling them to quickly and easily roll out the same interior finishes to all their facilities, including new builds and renovation projects.  As well as achieving a consistent, on-brand look across all their locations, this means these clients benefit from a hugely streamlined specification process, and significant economies of scale.

As we celebrate National Construction Day, we’d like to say a big thank you to all our customers in the construction sector for everything you do to create the spaces that transform lives on a daily basis – and for choosing Belroc to assist you in this vital work.

To find out more about how working with Belroc can benefit your construction business, get in touch!