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At the heart of Canada’s society

Federal, provincial and municipal buildings form the backbone of Canada’s communities, from community centres through to town halls, courts and correctional centres. People are at the heart of these buildings, and it’s vital that their interiors work for the benefit of all.

Safe, seamless

The primary function of any Government is to protect its citizens; to make life better for people right across society. Government buildings have a responsibility to reflect this role by ensuring that wherever people interact with the built environment, those interactions are of the highest quality.

At its most fundamental, this means that public buildings must be safe, accessible and hygienic, safeguarding the health and wellbeing of users. They must support the efficient function of public institutions by ensuring government employees can carry out their duties without hindrance or risk, in environments that are fit for purpose. They must be welcoming, comfortable and easy to navigate.

Belroc specializes in interior packages that support the safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal of public buildings right across the spectrum.

public investment

From leisure and educational environments to penal institutions, federal, provincial and municipal buildings represent a significant investment of public resources and as such have a duty to demonstrate value for money during construction and across the life of the building.

Belroc works to protect these investments by delivering complete Division 10 packages that are optimized in terms of both practicality and value for money, ensuring our publicly-funded work really works for the people it is supposed to serve. We also specialize in interior surface protection to make sure these investments last, and stay looking good, for as long as possible.

Specialist interior packages for hard-working environments

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