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Getting it right first time in Long-Term Care

With an ageing population, long-term care is fast becoming one of the most important sectors within the Canadian healthcare system.

It’s estimated that an additional 199,000 long-term care beds will be required across Canada by 2035, nearly doubling current long-term care capacity*. Ontario has already made a start, announcing a $1.75bn scheme in 2020 to deliver 30,000 long-term care beds over the next decade, and launching an historic long-term care staffing plan worth $1.9bn annually until 2025.

The sector is poised for much-needed development and rapid growth that will enhance the lives of millions of Canadians, and bring huge opportunities for construction contractors.

Division 10 is an important part of any public building, especially in healthcare, but as experienced contractors will know, working in long-term care brings an extra layer of complexity to interior design and fit-out.

Long-term care homes are often highly specialized clinical environments, catering for clients with complex physical and psychological needs. Safeguarding the health of those clients, and providing nursing and auxiliary staff with a work environment that is safe and fit for purpose is the number one priority – but it’s also vital to create a supportive, home-from-home setting that fosters independence and emotional wellbeing.

For contractors, engaging a dedicated Division 10 partner can make a huge difference to the smooth running of new build projects within long-term care, as well as the ultimate healthcare outcomes of people using the completed facility. With decades of opportunity ahead for successful contractors, the importance of ‘getting it right first time’ cannot be overstated.

So how can Belroc help?

Belroc offers the widest selection of high quality Division 10 products by one vendor anywhere in Canada. We supply complete, customized interior specialty packages which means our customers don’t have the hassle or the risk associated with cherry-picking products from multiple suppliers. We are also one of the most experienced suppliers in the long-term care space, with almost two decades of expertise under our belt, and existing long-standing relationships with some of the biggest names in this sector. Here are some of the key areas in which our expertise can make a difference to your next long-term care project:

1. Design review
Belroc offers a valuable Division 10 consultancy service that is regularly engaged by architects and contractors in the design phase of a new-build long-term care project. As experts in our field, we are best placed to offer advice on the best ways to integrate interior specialties into the built environment for optimal effectiveness, compliance, value and aesthetics. It also allows contractors to circumvent any snags related to Division 10 that architects and specifiers might not pick up on. Engaging Belroc’s services at this early stage can save time, hassle and unforeseen costs later in the project whilst ensuring a seamless installation and outcome.

2. Product selection
Product selection in the long-term care sector can be a complex process. There’s a lot of choice available, and a lot of things to consider, from code compliance to infection control, safety, budget and overall appearance. We’ve spent the last two decades developing a product portfolio that is both comprehensive and outstanding, with options to meet the needs of every client. As well as helping our clients to choose the right products, we’re quick to spot when the wrong product has been specified – whether that means a code requirement has been overlooked, or simply that building infrastructure makes that product unsuitable or difficult to install. In these cases we’re always happy to help the client select an alternative that will better meet their needs.

3. Budgeting
Every construction project is constrained by budget, but often it’s only when the design and specification phase has been completed that it becomes clear how wide the gap is between the ideal and the realistic standard of the spec on any given project. One of the key value-adding services we provide for our customers is assistance with budgeting – helping them to identify areas where they can cut costs on Division 10 without compromising on quality, for a more efficient distribution of their available budget. We’ve gone to great lengths to identify and source interior specialty products that offer excellent value for money and robust long-term performance for these demanding environments.

4. Scope & code review
Within the healthcare sector in particular, it’s vital that contractors have a complete, end-to-end approach to Division 10. Small elements that are skimmed over or missed altogether can add up to significant shortcomings in the completed facility and this in turn can have a knock-on effect on healthcare outcomes. We already have strong relationships with the preferred contractors of some of Canada’s eminent long-term care providers and we’ve played our part in helping those contractors to develop a reputation as experts in this sector by ensuring that every project is fully scoped out, with no stone left unturned. The same is true for code review – we take this burden off the contractor, giving them one less thing to worry about while ensuring a seamless, compliant outcome.

5. Shop drawings & sampling
The creation of shop drawings is another important opportunity to sidestep pitfalls on a new-build project and Belroc is uniquely positioned to supply detailed, computer-aided drawings that show your complete Division 10 package in three dimensions. This provides an opportunity to adjust layouts and specifications for optimal finished results. We’re also firm believers in sampling so that our customers can provide ultimate insight and reassurance for their clients – on larger projects we have created dedicated mock-up areas so that clients and even end users can see and feel the products, and feed back on their preferences prior to final selection.

Canada’s long-term care sector is on the cusp of an incredible transformation, and we’re excited to be a part of it. To discuss your next project, call Owen Lawrenson or get in touch by email.

*Gibbard, Robyn. Sizing Up the Challenge: Meeting the Demand for Long-Term Care in Canada. Ottawa: The Conference Board of Canada, 2017.