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Future-proofed curtains for Toronto Western Hospital

As a leading research hospital, Toronto Western always has an eye on the future of healthcare.

Located in the vibrant heart of downtown Toronto, this 272-bed academic health science centre is a world leader in neuroscience that’s constantly pushing the boundaries of research, offering pioneering treatments and using state-of-the-art technology. 

From its innovative community programs to a busy ED that sees more than 60,000 patients each year, Toronto Western is truly at the cutting edge of Canadian medicine.

So when it came to replacing their cubicle curtains, it was really no surprise that Toronto Western wanted a forward-thinking solution that would improve privacy, maximize infection control and increase efficiency for staff.

When TWH approached Belroc, they had been instructed to complete a mandatory upgrade of their curtain cubicle system after a Fire Marshall inspection concluded that their existing curtains did not meet requirements.  Curtain track was already in place, so we defined the scope of work as a supply-only contract for our InstaSwap modular curtain system.

Why InstaSwap?

InstaSwap was an obvious choice for TWH, ticking all the boxes on regulatory compliance as well as streamlining inventory, creating a consistent look throughout the hospital and making curtain hygiene simpler.

InstaSwap is a modular curtain system with a washable, antimicrobial curtain panel that detaches from the top mesh using snap fasteners.  The non-absorbent nylon mesh ensures that the curtain system meets fire regulations and does not require regular laundering.  The mesh panels are customized to the ceiling height, which means all curtain panels are a standard size.  As a result, TWH carries much less curtain inventory, and enjoys a ‘one size fits all’ system for curtain panels throughout the hospital. The curtain panels attach just above head height so changes can be carried out quickly and easily, without the need to climb on a ladder or step stool.

Overall, InstaSwap promotes better hygiene by taking the hassle out of frequent curtain changes, and reduces the cost of maintaining high levels of curtain inventory, while also minimizing the risk of falls during changeouts.

Managing the transition

We conducted a full audit of the TWH hospital building, taking time to accurately measure and record all ceiling heights before the mesh panels were configured and manufactured to size.  This facilitated a rapid installation, and contributed to an impressive transformation of the TWH interiors which now look sleek and professional, with matching InstaSwap curtains throughout.  As part of this project, our Client Care team also provided training to TWH personnel to ensure they felt confident in removing, replacing and caring for their new curtains.

Ashton Lewis from the University Health Network commented: “The Belroc Group provided excellent service from start to finish. Very professional in terms of customer service. Owen Lawrenson was a vital part of the deal that was made with Toronto Western Hospital and is an asset to the Belroc Corporation.”