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Future pandemic preparedness

This week across Canada we marked Victoria Day, a federal holiday observed in Canada since 1845 in honor of Queen Victoria – a monarch renowned for the longevity of her reign and the strong leadership she gave to the Commonwealth.

In many ways, the qualities Queen Victoria is most remembered for are the same ones we’re all relying on to get us through the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. She presided over a time of great change characterised by hard work, innovation and stoicism and is remembered for leading the Commonwealth through a formative era in its history. Post Covid-19, the world will also be changed forever; and as a business, Belroc is committed to providing the leadership and expertise our clients need to adapt and survive in a new era.

Going forward we know that any facility where people gather in significant numbers will want – and may even be required by law – to meet stringent standards on hygiene and infection control. This will affect corporate buildings, hotels, gyms and leisure facilities, theatres, libraries, schools, colleges and many more. Of course, hospitals and care homes will have an even greater responsibility to safeguard both service users and staff in order to reduce the likelihood of future pandemics, and ensure they are prepared if one does occur.

At Belroc, we’ve spent the past few weeks working hard to respond to a situation that was literally changing hour by hour and in doing so we’ve learned an incredible amount about pandemic response, specifically around infection control. This knowledge and experience, coupled with 20 years of expertise in Division 10 – including partitioning, washrooms and wall protection – puts us in a unique position to support our clients as they enter the post-Covid age.

We’re already attuned to the needs of our clients across a range of sectors, many of them large, public-facing businesses, in terms of providing spaces that are safe, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing for their clients and employees, so it seems a natural step for us to extend our remit by helping these same customers to remain one step ahead of any future health emergencies that may arise.

In the short to medium term, this will mean working closely with our healthcare colleagues in particular, to mitigate for the effects of a second or even third wave of coronavirus, especially once summer is over. We’ll also be working on ensuring that the physical infrastructure they need to respond to future spikes or new outbreaks – products like our WatchPod and SpeediBed – are refined to the highest possible standards and ready for immediate procurement at short notice.

In the longer term, it will mean offering expert guidance to our construction colleagues and their clients as they plan building and refurbishment projects. Our unique expertise can inform architectural and aesthetic designs to ensure the interior spaces in hospitals and care homes, as well as schools and workplaces, are safe and versatile enough to cope with whatever the future brings. Our goal is to use what we’ve learned so far in 2020 to ensure the people’s lives and livelihoods are never impacted so profoundly by disease again.

To discuss how Belroc can help your facility to respond quickly to an infection control emergency, or prevent the spread of germs, get in contact by emailing