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Five upgrade projects with big impact

Five upgrade projects with big impact showing a hospital ward

With the new financial year now well underway, many hospital boards will be deep in the planning phase for upcoming refurbishment projects to address key areas of need within their locations.  

Careful planning can help budgets stretch further – especially when it comes to those small but vital upgrades and equipment purchasing that might get overlooked in larger scale budget planning. 

Relatively modest in size but big on expertise – over 20 years of it – Belroc specializes in products that enhance building interiors for better infection control, reduced risk and simpler maintenance.

Here’s a look at five key upgrades – achievable in the short term and for a relatively small financial expense – that can make a tangible difference to healthcare interiors this year.

Protect surfaces with PVCu

Since 2020, the ante has been seriously upped when it comes to clinical disinfection – and even though the worst of the pandemic behind us, these increased hygiene standards are here to stay.  As well as the introduction of automated disinfection technology, the majority of hospitals are putting strategies in place to help them keep their buildings more hygienic without putting their human resources under unsustainable pressure.

Surface protection – especially PVCu wall sheeting – is a powerful tool for reducing the burden of hygiene processes because it makes large surfaces easier and quicker to clean, and creates an environment that’s inhospitable to pathogens.  Completely waterproof and resistant to chemicals, it can be wiped, scrubbed or sprayed down and is suitable for any setting, from waiting areas and hallways to wards and even operating rooms.  Belroc can complete PVCu wall protection installations on any scale, from facility-wide applications to individual departments and even single rooms.  By installing wall protection now, you can save yourself time and money for the coming year and far beyond, as well as improving infection control.  

Handrail upgrades

Good quality handrail is a must for any public building but particularly in health and long-term care settings, where it performs an important triple function – preventing trips and falls, supporting people with mobility challenges, and protecting walls from damage.  

The code requirements for handrail in healthcare buildings are specific and clear; but beyond this it’s important that handrails enhance the built environment and don’t pose any additional risks.  

For instance, over the past two years we’ve seen countless long-term care homes swapping out their traditional wooden handrails for non-porous vinyl that’s easier to keep clean, thus reducing infection risk.  With Belroc’s installation team making the process completely hassle-free, even in live care environments, replacing your current handrail is simple and worthwhile.

Washroom makeovers

Public restrooms are some of the most functional spaces in our societies – but they can also have the most impact on public perceptions of your organization.  It’s not enough for hospital washrooms to be spotlessly clean – they must also offer the privacy and calming atmosphere users need in order to feel comfortable.  Worn or vandalized partitions, broken latches and sub-standard accessibility can have a big impact on the user experience and yet are relatively easy to rectify on a small budget.  If funds will stretch, you could consider adding additional features such as touchless technology that can enhance hygiene and improve feedback from patients, staff and visitors alike.

Patient privacy

It’s vital that people who come into hospital for whatever reason feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay.  Patient privacy is shown to impact on clinical outcomes, with factors such as poor infection control or undue stress contributing to longer hospital stays.  

Privacy curtains in particular can contribute to the spread of infection because they’re frequently touched by doctors, nurses, patients and visitors – so switching to a curtain system that makes laundering simple, such as our InstaSwap system, can have far-reaching benefits.  In high-turnover departments such as the ER, our CleanScreen privacy screens offer an even simpler alternative, delivering superb protection in a format that can be disinfected in minutes.

Staff areas

Dollar for dollar, investing in quality spaces for staff to take breaks, recharge and store their possessions could be one of the most powerful ways to spend any spare healthcare funds this year end.  Staff areas often get overlooked in favour of clinical spending, but creating welcoming spaces equipped with appropriate storage and plenty of creature comforts can have a significant impact on morale and overall performance at work.  A perfect way to give back to those who work so tirelessly every day of the year.


Belroc is ready and willing to help you plan for the year ahead, however large or small.  With over 20 years of expertise in healthcare, we’re perfectly placed to help you achieve your vision, even if your budget is tight.  Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.