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Employee of the Month: Michelle Bailey

There’s been a great buzz around Belroc HQ this month as secret voting got underway for our first Employee of the Month competition. We are delighted to announce that our Finance Administrator Michelle Bailey is first to take this coveted crown!
Of course, it comes as no surprise that Michelle was voted for by so many of her colleagues – she’s celebrating her three-year work anniversary with Belroc this month and in that time she has proved herself to be an invaluable employee and friend. We caught up with Michelle to find out more about her experiences at Belroc…

Hi Michelle! Congratulations on winning Employee of the Month! Tell us a little bit about your role at Belroc – what’s your day to day like?

Hi! It was a good way to celebrate my three-year work anniversary – I’m delighted and very flattered! My official job title here is Finance Administrator and within that I have various jobs to do. I look after all aspects of accounts receivable role – ensuring customer invoices are correct, entering deposits, going to the bank and also doing collections which is a big part of this role. I’m also responsible for accounts payable, which involves printing, entering, and getting approvals for all vendor bills, entering all credit card receipts, paying the vendor bills and dealing with any issues that may arise. Month end is another big portion of my role – job costing every invoice we send out for the month so my manager can reconcile these and send out a detailed report. Last but not least I take care of all administration items – ordering office supplies, security clearances, kitchen items, and more.
Day to day is very busy. Between collection calls, entering vendor bills and credit card receipts, assisting the Finance Manager in tasks when I can and dealing with general finance enquiries, there is never a minute to just sit and look out the window!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Belroc?

I have two favorite things! The first one is the way they truly care about their employees. The management team and my fellow workers are amazing. The second thing is transparency, which I think is rare to find – I cannot express how valuable it is as an employee to know exactly where the company is at in regards to our sales and profit goals. We sit weekly and discuss what we can do as a team and department to ensure these goals are met.

What would you say is the most challenging aspect of your role?

I would say time. Trying to find the time to complete everything before month end, due to the volume of vendor bills, is probably the most challenging thing about my role. We are in the process of streamlining the volume electronically so that will eliminate the time for printing.

OK, enough about work. Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I have three children who are pretty much grown up now – my youngest is 17 and also works at Belroc – so they have been my hobby and interest for the last 26 years! I have two dogs named Quik & Hutch who keep me pretty busy now that the kids have mostly flown the nest, so I would say they are my interest now. I enjoy getting out for walks with them whenever I can.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

An interesting fact about me…hmmmm…there really isn’t anything very interesting about me! I am completely petrified of spiders. I am also one of the oldest here at Belroc and am reminded of it daily – does that count as interesting?

Thank you to Michelle for her time – enjoy those Employee of the Month perks!