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Employee of the Month: Lenay Lawrenson

Lenay Lawrenson Belroc

It’s not long since we were introducing her on the blog for the very first time – and now our newest recruit Lenay Lawrenson has only gone and won our Employee of the Month accolade! In the short time she has been with Belroc full time, Lenay has made a huge impression on all of us with her sunny demeanor and willingness to learn – as one of her nominees said, she’s even managed to teach the ‘old dogs’ a couple of new tricks!

Lenay is a very deserving recipient of this month’s award and we hope it will inspire her to continue shining her light on everything she does! Of course, it isn’t long since poor Lenay was last interrogated for the blog but we had some more questions about her experiences as a newbie at Belroc, and of course she was happy to oblige!


Hi again Lenay, and congratulations! How does it feel to win EOTM, especially so soon after joining Belroc?

I feel SO privileged and grateful seeing as I have only been working here for a short time.

What drew you to join the company after leaving school – did you have any particular academic interests that you felt you could develop further by joining Belroc? Do you see yourself evolving into any specific role or department in future?

From working here a little, previously, I could tell that it was a company where I could grow, expand my knowledge and feel welcome. I am thoroughly liking the role that I have at the moment, as it can be a segue into many different departments. For example, Amy has begun training me to take on a small portion of her role.

Was it daunting coming into the company as a full-time employee, or did you feel quite comfortable having worked there some summers?

Most of the tasks that I do are different from what I worked on in past summer holidays, so it is a big change for me to get used to.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve had to get to grips with so far and why?

I have found it a bit challenging to get into a consistent routine within my day and my managers’ as well as prioritising each task given.

Which part of your role do you find most enjoyable?

I’ve said this before- but I very much enjoy having a wide variety of tasks to look forward to in each work day.

What about your colleagues – who do you work the most closely with? Has anybody gone out of their way to help you find your feet?

I work most closely with Jon and Owen- who have been very helpful and patient with me in my training! But I have worked a little bit with pretty much everyone in the office and they have all been very happy and willing to assist!

Tell us about your life outside of work – do you still live at home? How do you relax after a long day?

I come from a family of 6 – there’s my parents, my older brother and sister, myself and a younger sister! We always look forward going on trips together, but during Covid, we’ve been enjoying a lot of picnics, swimming and early morning hikes.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself that your colleagues might not know?

Both of my pinky fingers are very crooked!