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Customized solutions for a variety
of specialised environments

Belroc are leading interior products specialists
that enhance and protect building environments


Year after year, schools, colleges and universities form the backdrop for learning that transforms individuals and shapes futures.

These educational buildings are much more than just ‘facilities’; they are a nucleus for a range of educational and social activities that support the learning process itself.

The creation of functional and durable spaces is key to unlocking the potential of these important facilities. When you choose Belroc, you’ll tap into a wealth of expertise in doing exactly that.


In terms of flexibility, the demands placed upon educational facilities are huge. Very often, the spaces within schools and colleges must be able to multi-task on shoestring budgets, accommodating everything from classes and seminars to sports, theatrical productions and fundraisers.

With this flexibility comes big demand on the spaces themselves due to high foot and equipment traffic, plus the need to comply with ever increasing code requirements.

Belroc offers education providers a complete solution to their requirements for surface protection, mobility support, washrooms, locker rooms and more. With in-depth knowledge of the relevant code requirements, we are able to make the design and installation process completely stress free for our clients. Years of expertise in Division 10 and access to the most innovative, high quality products from global manufacturers means Belroc is best placed to deliver intelligent solutions and value for money every time.

Customized packages for the most specialized environments

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