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Earth Day 2021: Our position on sustainability

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The world is going back to normal, but we can’t return to ‘business as usual’ – that’s the message from this year’s Earth Day campaign, which unites global leaders and environmental activists on April 22 to focus on a way of life (and business) that will safeguard our planet for future generations.

As a healthcare-focused company, Belroc’s values and objectives are inextricably linked with the welfare of our environment, and we take our responsibilities regarding sustainability very seriously.

We’re not blind to the fact that healthcare and construction are two of the most heavily-polluting industries in Canada, generating millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions each year and sending huge quantities of waste material to either incinerators or landfill.  But while these numbers are concerning, there is also hope for change, with huge amounts of innovation happening within our industry to try and move the needle.  We’re excited about the future, and fully committed to playing our part in bringing eco-friendly material and product developments to the marketplace.

But in the immediate term, while we wait for science and innovation to ride to the rescue of our world, it’s really important that we all do whatever we can to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the planet.  

We’ve talked previously about our company values, specifically ‘synergy’, which explores the notion that lots of individuals taking small steps toward improvement can make a huge difference to overall performance.  This concept is as relevant to the environment as it is to sales – when we all do our little part, we can have a big impact.

So what’s Belroc’s position on sustainability?

We’ve thought long and hard about what it means for a business like Belroc to be sustainable.  Should we be planting trees?  Selling handrail made out of bamboo?  Keeping bees on the roof of our offices?  Maybe.  But for us, what sustainability really means is providing a service that effectively meets the needs of the clients and industries we serve, in a manner that is scalable and consistent, while keeping waste of time, energy and resources to an absolute minimum, and taking whatever steps we can to offset the carbon footprint of our operations.

This means partnering with manufacturers who are committed to excellence in terms of the products and materials they supply into the healthcare sector, while also sharing our commitment to reducing their own environmental footprint.  You can check out our key suppliers like InPro, Bobrick and Hadrian to find out what they’re doing to look after the planet.

It also means providing our customers with sustainable interior specialties that reduce the amount of waste they generate – either by switching a short-lived or disposable product to reusable, for example our InstaSwap curtains, or by providing durable protection that is designed to protect interiors for decades, reducing the frequency of renovations that can generate carbon emissions and waste.

What we’re doing

Being sustainable also means being efficient.  Our 3DX process is designed to devise customized solutions for each and every client, precisely defining the scope of work to eliminate waste and then delivering the project to a tightly-managed schedule that keeps schedules and budgets on track.  

Of course, being sustainable also means taking direct action wherever we can.  Belroc Sustain outlines our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint across all of our operations.  This means reducing waste through efficient operational practices, recycling waste and offcuts where possible, and tackling carbon emissions with our Project Pods freight scheme.

Project Pods  are repurposed shipping containers which are packed directly from our warehouse in chronological order for maximum efficiency in use. All the materials required to complete any one project can be shipped in one or more Pods which eliminates repeated truck deliveries and associated emissions.  Using the Pods also reduced the need for freight packaging materials.

We recognise that there is always more to be done on sustainability and we won’t shy away from the work.  We’re keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest developments in recycled and recyclable or carbon neutral materials, and working globally to source and deliver these innovations for the citizens of Canada.

To find out more about Belroc or discuss an upcoming project, get in touch.