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Does a Patient’s Surroundings Impact Their Well Being?

An environmental psychologist, Roger Ulrich, performed a study in 1984 to determine if scenes of nature would impact patients’ recovery. It did.

The study showed that patients that could view trees and a natural setting from their hospital window, had shorter postoperative hospital stays, fewer negative evaluative comments from nurses, took fewer analgesic doses, and even had slightly lower post-surgical complications than patients that were viewing a brick wall from their window.

So, do patients’ surroundings impact their well being? Yes! They really do! Not every patient can get a bed overlooking a scenic view of nature – it’s just not realistic. Especially when a good number of our hospitals are placed in the middle of a bustling city. So, what can be done?

Hospital interiors. Maybe it’s possible to bring elements of nature to the patient through the hospitals interiors. Could we promote a healing environment from the inside out?

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