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Curtains Wearing Down Faster Than Department Piggy Bank is Filling up?

Let’s face it; it’s a struggle for any hospital department to cough up the cash for capital expenditures. Obtaining funding for the initial outlay is a difficult job. Working extensively with healthcare facilities, we see it all the time. I’d like to use cubicle curtains as an example.

Many departments are in desperate need of new, fresh and up-to-date privacy curtains. They need a system for faster change out. But the old ‘capital expenditure’ constraint shows itself again.

We’ve been thinking outside the box… here’s an idea. Many healthcare facilities use a ‘lease-to-own’ option for their larger equipment. Why not for privacy cubicle curtains? Allocate a monthly leasing expense and eliminate that initial outlay.

There would be one smooth transition from old to new for the entire department, instead of numerous installs as the budget permits. Ultimately this would allow the department to enjoy the benefits of safer, standardized, and speedier curtain system right away.

Contact Belroc today to find out more about our PrivaLease program.

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