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Curtain Rail Systems

Inspired by a quick launch project at the start of the pandemic, this system is designed to give healthcare locations access to high quality curtain track, fast. 

Easily increase patient spaces 

In the face of adversity, infection control continues to remain a top priority, with many hospitals and care homes turning to curtain track systems to create additional capacity when and where they need it most.

Unprecedented demand on North America’s healthcare system to expand bed capacity has developed Belroc’s Curtain Rail Systems. Versatile and cost effective, installing extra curtain track gives you instant bed capacity for additional patient spaces. A curtain track designed to deliver the speed and responsiveness you need to expand your patient privacy options, especially when paired with InstaSwap or WipeAble curtain programs. 


Surface mounted systems are available to ensure that fire code compliance paired with the hospital style curtains of your choice. Belroc Curtain Rail is compatible with several carrier types, including Belroc’s own Carrier and comes complete with end caps. 

Surface Track

Engineered for a smooth and quiet movement, this surface mounted track meets most common curtain track specifications. Accessories such as IV poles are also available.

Surface mounted curtain rails

Spool Carrier

Use Belroc’s carriers to connect curtains to your cubicle track and provide quiet, easy movement. Made with a one-piece nylon spool and chrome plated steel hook.

Hospital track spool carrier

End Cap

Built to hold track in place and prevent carriers from falling off, Belroc’s end caps will secure your curtains in place.

End cap options from Belroc


Bend Options

Custom or pre-cut track systems are available to ensure the right product selection for your space. Choose one or multiple profiles to complete the healthcare layout of the specific clinic, unit, ward or private & semi-private rooms. Belroc can guide you through the measure up process or attend on-site and include it as part of your package.


Benefits & Features

  • Anodized aluminium track 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Carriers move smoothly, quietly and continuously 
  • Custom or pre-cut lengths 
  • Meets common specifications 
  • Compatible with InstaSwap & WipeAble curtains 
Hospital Curtain Rail System from Belroc

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Technical Downloads

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Install & Maintenance