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Creative infection control will be critical for the future

The end of March is approaching and what would usually have been a time of intense forward planning for healthcare organisations has become a day-by-day struggle for survival.

Belroc stands firmly behind our healthcare sector at this time and we would like to publicly state our admiration and gratitude for the individuals who are putting their own lives on the line to keep people safe as Covid-19 continues to rage across the globe.

Right now, we are open as an essential service, supporting hospitals to keep on top of infection control while most of our staff work from home to do our part in ‘flattening the curve’.

We also know that when this crisis eventually abates, healthcare facilities will seek to learn from their experiences during this pandemic and that infection control measures are likely to become more stringent.

Planning is absolutely key to the successful management of healthcare budgets, but just as important is having good relationships with professional partners such as Belroc, who can help with cost-effective, compliant solutions to both the known and the unknown challenges that lie ahead.

With infection control challenges high on the agenda, coupled with Canada’s ageing population, we’re predicting that facilities will increasingly be looking to develop strategies for faster turnarounds, and ways to cope with patient overflows at peak times. This will require a creative take on preventing cross-infection, especially during extraordinary health events.

General hygiene is also a big concern – the need to keep facilities clean is only set to grow, but staffing budgets are increasingly stretched, which means facilities must look at ways to become more low-maintenance. Seamless design on handrails, for example, leaves dirt and germs with no place to hide, while robust wall protection is quick and simple to wipe down for optimal hygiene without the time and elbow grease.

For many healthcare organisations, the biggest challenge is accessing joined-up thinking on the complex challenges they face. They need a partner with profound sector knowledge and superior project management skills to come in, understand the problems, then develop and seamlessly deliver holistic solutions – all while adhering to code requirements, clinical best practice and of course, budget constraints.

With more than 30 years of sector expertise, we believe this is why many construction contractors return to Belroc again and again for professional support with Division 10 installations. Anybody can install wall protection, hand rails and washroom accessories – but few companies can match us for attention to detail when it matters most. A well-planned and executed installation can pay dividends to healthcare providers for decades to come by providing robust solutions that are built to withstand the demands of busy environments, by reducing the spread of infection and disease, and by making facilities easier to keep clean and fresh. With our finger firmly on the pulse of the nation’s healthcare plus the most up-to-date knowledge on code requirements, we’re ideally placed to help hospitals and other facilities future-proof their buildings and departments.

We understand that facilities are taking a reactionary approach to a volatile situation right now, and we’re here to help whatever way we can. But the time to be proactive is coming, and we’re ready for that too.