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Covid-19: introducing WatchPod and SpeediBed

The ability of our healthcare profession to respond in the face of unprecedented crisis is awe-inspiring. At Belroc, we have strong relationships with many healthcare providers across Ontario and as well as being incredibly proud of them, we are committed to supporting our front line colleagues in any way we can.
Our expertise in patient curtains has already helped many facilities to improve infection control and privacy as well as increasing bed capacity. As Canada moves towards the peak of this pandemic, we are pleased to launch a number of additional products that will support the heroic efforts of hospitals and other facilities to care for more people and save more lives.
Over the past week we have completed a number of InstaSwap and Barrier curtain system installations, including one at Kingston General Hospital where teams have been scrambling to increase patient capacity and offer improved isolation ahead of the peak of the outbreak, expected to occur here in early May.
Belroc has also been working hard behind the scenes with a number of manufacturers who have shown incredible agility and ingenuity in transforming their everyday manufacturing capabilities to meet the demands of the current crisis.
We have launched two new products aimed at helping facilities to dramatically increase bed capacity, whether that is within their existing buildings or in temporary ‘field hospital’ settings, which we have already seen springing up in other parts of the world including New York and the UK.
The first of these is WatchPod, an innovative, modular patient pod system that transforms any space into a highly efficient clinical setting. Installed in just 10 minutes, each WatchPod is designed for ease of observation and care, as well as optimal infection control and dignity for patients.
The interlocking pods create a system of self-contained bays, making it easy for clinical teams to monitor patients even when resources are stretched. Equipped with a bed and bedside cabinet made from easy-clean laminate, the individual specification of each pod can be adjusted to include a mattress, chair, mounts for monitors and other medical equipment, electricity, oxygen and more.
Also new to Belroc’s portfolio is SpeediBed – emergency field hospital beds designed to help hospitals and other buildings create safe, comfortable spaces for patients when they are needed most.
We are proud to be partnering with a Canadian manufacturer to bring the SpeediBed to market at a crucial moment in Canada’s fight against coronavirus. Developed with clinicians, SpeediBed is designed to facilitate excellence in clinical care while also delivering swift procurement and large volumes, enabling healthcare facilities to respond rapidly to an evolving crisis.
We are living and working through unprecedented times. Belroc is focused, as never before, on what we can do to help our clients and our communities during this crisis. Key to our response to Covid-19 is our profound industry knowledge and our unrivalled project management expertise, which we are using to deliver crucial projects at this time. For advice on your facility’s response, or to discuss your specific requirements, get in touch with our sales team.