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We put the vision in Division 10.

Our goal is to provide a complete service for contractors that begins in the design phase and ends with a successful handover to your client. In between, we’ll be there for every step with trusted expertise and value-adding input that ensures your interior specialties meet the mark on quality, aesthetic and budget, every time.

Expertise you
can count on

Division 10 is a varied and often complex aspect of building interiors. Attention to detail is key – but this can be challenging as a contractor, when it’s your responsibility to look after the big picture too.

At Belroc we are very proud that some of the leading lights in Canada’s construction industry trust our experience to help them deliver outstanding projects, right down to the last detail. Over the past two decades, we’ve developed a profound knowledge around the ways that Division 10 specialties integrate with specialist environments, and how they ultimately impact on people.

Using our strong product portfolio and extensive expertise on code requirements, we specialise in the development of bespoke Division 10 packages for a wide range of health and long-term-care projects. We deliver these packages using a unique methodology called 3DX, which is designed to ensure clarity, vision and accountability in everything we do.

What is 3DX?