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Commercial Window Coverings – Why your Facility Needs Them

Your windows have a significant impact on both energy consumption and employee productivity at your facility. Windows and their coverings comprise a major share of a facility’s budget, and can be hard to manage. Allowing for daylight, windows contribute to a favourable and relaxed environment, however, they can also cause problems and challenges for facility managers.

How do the sustainable design elements of properly fitting commercial window coverings benefit commercial, educational, and healthcare facilities?

Energy Savings and Long Term Damage
Energy savings for new window coverings can contribute greatly to the Return on Investment (ROI) when retrofitting your facility. As electricity prices continue to increase this is more and more important.

Properly measured and installed commercial window coverings offer additional insulation, helping prevent heat loss during Winter months, and keeping cool air inside throughout the Summer, reducing strain on your building’s energy system results in lower electricity bills, by as much as 25%.

Improved Experience
Did you know that daylight is an effective stimulant linked to productivity and happiness?

Utilizing natural daylight in commercial, education, and commercial facilities decreases energy costs, while improving outcomes, and creating a pleasing and comfortable place of employment.

The simplicity of having a room where patients can observe the outdoors and enjoy the sunlight yields higher patient satisfaction throughout hospital and healthcare facilities.

Product Lifecycle
The wear-and-tear of window treatments occurs in every type of facility. Depending on the department and the frequency of use, replacing this type of product should be a top priority, and should occur throughout facilities more often that it currently is.

Window coverings that are frayed, faded, or hard-to-lift can be more of a burden than a benefit. Frayed edges are a result of improperly-fitting window treatments, where the shades are too wide for the window opening and scrape along the frame. With enough force, hard-to-lift shades and blinds can fall out of place, making them a safety hazard. Due to direct sunlight, all window treatments will amount to some fading. Most products, constructed with new materials, offer UV protection, however, discoloured coverings show signs of material deterioration and a decrease in structural integrity, and probably won’t last much longer.

Along with advantages associated with natural sunlight, window treatments can still cause heat levels to rise inside buildings, which leads to discomfort, and a higher demand for the use of air conditioning systems. Successful facilities are those that have accurately balanced climate control and patron comfort.

Installing window treatments within your facility is a wise decision. Customized and proper fitting coverings are constructed with high-quality materials and deliver many benefits that include fabric longevity and lasting operation while enhancing interior décor, improving light control, and increasing privacy measures.

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