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CleanScreen: for post-curtain hospital privacy

Privacy in healthcare settings is vital for lots of reasons. Patient confidentiality is of utmost importance, and personal dignity is a human right that must be protected. In addition, privacy dividers are an important element of any healthcare facility’s infection control strategy – a concept that has become even more complex due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the context of Covid, it seems incredible to think that a hospital curtain, handled by tens or even hundreds of people in a clinical setting, might only be changed once in four months – and yet up to now, this has been the norm.

Research shows that these curtains present a significant risk for hospital acquired infection, and should be laundered a lot more frequently. In hospital departments with the highest throughput and sickest patients – the EDs, the resus rooms and triage areas – there is a real argument for replacing privacy curtains after every patient, but for reasons of both time and money, this just isn’t practical. These departments need a post-curtain solution that ticks all the boxes on privacy without compromising on hygiene.

The future of hospital privacy

Ingenious in its simplicity, CleanScreen by nöjerm is the world’s first completely modular, solid-surface privacy divider with a patent-pending, 100% accessible design for no-compromise cleaning.

Designed by aerodynamics engineers, CleanScreen is moulded seamlessly from plastic so there are no joins or crevices where germs can breed. Available in three colours, the material is compatible with your existing hard surface disinfectant. The unique hinge system means there are only two contact points between each panel which offers total cleanability, and the system can be easily dismantled for terminal disinfection when required.

CleanScreen also offers superior privacy – starting less than 10cm above the floor and extending to almost 2m in height, it’s the largest privacy screen on the market, and its panels can be folded to over 90° without any gaps.

CleanScreen is available as a wall-mounted or portable privacy divider so it’s ideal for many different applications within any healthcare setting. Designed to outlast traditional privacy curtains by many years, it has the added benefit that individual panels can be added, removed or replaced as needed for a completely bespoke privacy screen or room divider.

At Belroc, we see CleanScreen as the perfect addition to our existing patient privacy offering. It’s of particular interest in terms of critical spaces within the hospital environment, where rapid patient throughputs or high risk create a need for privacy screens that can be effectively disinfected in the shortest possible amount of time, using minimal resources.

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